The GogiJip at Tanjong Pagar has S$24 raw marinated crab sets including a stew of the day, side dishes, rice & pancake available every day including weekends


If you love chilli crab, sashimi and Korean food, then you most definitely have to try out raw marinated crabs — otherwise known as ganjang gejang or yangnyeom gejang (yes, the famous dish that’s been taking over mukbang channels all over and social media). 

This indulgent traditional Korean dish is made by marinating fresh raw blue crabs in either a deliciously seasoned soy sauce brine or sweet and spicy sauce and keeping it in the fridge for a few days. When it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most savoury and umami flavours ever — and it’s even better when it’s chock full of yummy crab roe (I’m already salivating as I write this!) and eaten with steaming cooked white rice.

the gogijip ganjang gejang raw marinated crab
Photo: The GogiJip

In fact, the flavours go so well together that the dish has been pegged as a ‘rice stealer’ — meaning that you’ll down bowls and bowls of rice with it just because it’s so good. The only downside is that due to the effort it takes to prepare the dish as well as the ingredients (fresh seafood can be quite costly), this dish can typically cost over a hundred dollars per set in Singapore. Another reason is that there aren’t many restaurants in Singapore that serve this dish either. 

But there is one restaurant in Singapore that stands out for its raw marinated crab — The GogiJip

the gogijip ganjang gejang raw marinated crab
Photo: Deon Lim/google images

Located in Tanjong Pagar, the restaurant is one of the few that’s known for serving great raw marinated crabs alongside many other authentic Korean dishes. Now, to make us fall in love with them even more, they’ve come up with a special raw marinated crab lunch set that starts at a mere S$24 (for yangnyeom gejang). If you prefer the salty ganjang gejang, it’s also pretty affordable at S$29

the gogijip ganjang gejang raw marinated crab
Photo: Louise/google images

Each lunch set is really generous and comes with a stew of the day, an array of seasonal banchan (side dishes), Korean pancake and of course — a steaming bowl of white rice to be enjoyed alongside the raw marinated crab

the gogijip ganjang gejang raw marinated crab
Photo: Thomas Jolene/google images

The lunch set is available every day from 12pm to 2.30pm — so if you’re craving for some tantalising ganjang gejang but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, definitely check out The GogiJip’s special raw marinated crab lunch set! 

The GogiJip
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