SG’s largest Therapeutic Garden opens in Jurong, has both adults & kids sections

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Last weekend, or Saturday, 23 October 2021 to be exact, NParks unveiled Singapore’s largest Therapeutic Garden @ Jurong Lake Gardens spanning 3,100sqm, with plenty of space for both adults and children to frolic. Here’s a first look at the space.

Photo: NParks

Adults’ section — Suitable for seniors with dementia

therapeutic garden adult's section
Photo: NParks

This area provides a space for reminiscing, and even features edible plants arranged in zones Fragrance zone, Edibles zone, and a Plant Zoo — as well as the iconic stone chess table that pays homage to the local landscape of Singapore. There is also an extended trellis shelter and some moveable raised planters that grant seniors on wheelchairs ease of gardening.

Children’s section — Curated for differently-abled children

therapeutic garden children's section
Photo: NParks

Designed to cater for children with mild autism, ADHD, and physical disabilities, the children’s section is equipped with various sensory zones which incorporate play elements. Musical play instruments, a wheelchair-friendly crawling trellis, glow-in-the-dark labyrinth, as well as floor imprints of the animals and insects can all be found here.

Butterfly Maze

Photo: NParks

There also exists a butterfly maze area where children can get on all fours and feel their way around space — promoting play and exploration. Signs around the place also educate the little ones on pollination and the lifecycle of butterflies.

therapeutic garden butterfly
Photo: Lim Yaohui

Luminous Pathway

therapeutic garden luminous pathway
Photo: NParks

The pathway is lined with minerals that absorb ultra-violet light during the day, and emits a soft glow at night in the dark, lighting up the pathway just a touch.

This Therapeutic Garden is the seventh of its kind opened by NParks, and is amongst the 30 other parks and gardens slated to be opened by NParks by 2030 as part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. There will also be parks in the East — one in Bedok Reservoir Park, and another in Pasir Ris Park, which will open later this year so there’s much to be excited about when it all rolls around.

Therapeutic Garden @ Jurong Lake Gardens
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