Enjoy Indomie alongside free-flow bubble tea, beef striploin, stuffed squid with seafood & more at this halal restaurant for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Everyone loves a good plate of Indomie. It’s easy to make, super tasty and makes for a great supper meal. For the first time, Indomie is collaborating with local restaurant Wong Fu Fu to bring four unique dishes made by Singapore MasterChef finalist Ilya Nur Fadhly. 

Wong Fu Fu Indomie
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The Wong Fu Fu Indomie collaboration is available now until 8 October 2023 and marks the first time the popular instant noodle brand is collaborating with a restaurant in Singapore. Wong Fu Fu is also halal-certified which means everyone is welcomed to try these fancy Indomie creations. Plus, you get to enjoy your favourite dishes alongside free-flow bubble tea truly the best of both worlds. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

On the menu are four dishes specially curated by Chef Ilya, each paired with special flavoured Indomie. These dishes are the Grilled Kicap Manis Stuffed Squid with Seafood (from S$22.90), Indomie Rendang Burger (from S$21.90), Grilled Beef Striploin with house-made Kicap Manis (from S$19.90), and Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Turmeric Spices (from S$15.90)

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Each dinner or weekend set menu will also entitle you to the mini buffet and free-flow drinks bar where you can DIY your own bubble tea — Indomie and free-flow DIY bubble tea? It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

Probably the most interesting creation is the Indomie Rendang Burger which features special house-made grilled beef and chicken patty sandwiched between two Indomie “buns” and a dollop of Indomie Rendang Mayo — yes, it is exactly as it sounds. It’s kinda like a rice burger but made with Indomie. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

In true Taiwanese fashion, there is also one that features the signature Taiwanese fried chicken which comes with a side of tamago bergedil. The Taiwanese fried chicken is also paired with a special Indomie flavour —- you’ll have to try it to find out what exactly it is. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

There’s also one for the seafood lovers and one for meat lovers. The Grilled Kicap Manis Stuffed Squid with Seafood is literally seafood paradise —- fresh succulent seafood and Indomie? Yes please. The Grilled Beef Striploin with house-made kicap manis on the other hand, truly takes your regular Indomie up ten notches. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

That’s not all. Apart from feasting on your hearty Indomie cooked to perfection, you can also stand a chance to win one year’s supply of Indomie. If you’re a super hardcore fan of Indomie, you’ll wanna take notes. 

Photo: Wong Fu Fu

To qualify for the lucky draw, you’ll first need to order at least two Indomie menu items in a single receipt. You’ll also need to like and follow Indomie Singapore and Wong Fu Fu on social media. Do note that only one receipt per table is allowed to qualify for this lucky draw contest. Winners will be announced on 1 November 2023 on Wong Fu Fu’s social media channels

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I really hope that Lady Luck is on your side because if you do win, you’ll get to win a total of 12 cartons of 40 Indomie packets, though you can only redeem one carton per month. But, if you do the maths, you’ll not only save a lot of money on food, you’ll also have a steady supply of instant noodles to last you through another pandemic (touch wood)

The Wong Fu Fu Indomie menu is available from now until 8 October 2023, so it’s time to rally your Indomie kakis and head down to give these dishes a try! Who knows, you could actually end up being the lucky winner of the one year’s supply of instant noodles! 

Wong Fu Fu
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???? 11.30am–10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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