Home-based business at Pasir Ris sells $1 Malaysian-style Nasi Lemak

by Natalie Lim

This is not a scam. There really is a home-based business at Pasir Ris that’s selling Malaysian-style Nasi Lemak for just S$1 per packet.

So if you’re tired of scrolling through the same old options on food delivery platforms or simply want to give mama a break from cooking, perhaps, you can give this a try.

$1 Malaysian-style Nasi Lemak

ah miao's kitchen
Photo: Ah Miao’s Kitchen

These little packets of Nasi Lemak are cooked from Ah Miao’s kitchen, which prides itself in homecooked recipes that’ll remind you of your grandma’s cooking. 

A fun fact: in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, these tiny packets of nasi lemak are fondly known as “Nasi Kucing” or “cat’s food”, a metaphor for the small portions that are akin to the size of feline food. 

It is usually wrapped in banana leaves and served to blue-collar and night shift workers, but over here, we can see how many portions of this could offer variety to a dinner party. 

Photo: Ah Miao’s Kitchen

Currently, there are three $1 nasi lemaks to choose from. Served on a banana leaf is the Mini-size Sotong Nasi Lemak with fragrant coconut rice, sambal sotong, a side of ikan bilis and egg.

ah miao's kitchen
hoto: Ah Miao’s Kitchen

There’s also the $1 Mini-size Shrimp Nasi Lemak and $1 Mini-size Ikan Bilis Nasi Lemak, both with toppings drenched in the same flavourful sauce.

ah miao's kitchen
hoto: Ah Miao’s Kitchen

Of course, those with bigger appetites can opt for the Upsize 3-in-1 Nasi Lemak, which features all three ingredients of sotong, ikan bilis and shrimp. Priced at $3, it’s still a steal as compared to eating nasi padang from outside stores. 

For those that are interested in ordering, Ah Miao’s Kitchen will be opening pre-orders for the upcoming weekend on 23 and 24 July. However, take note that the business does not provide delivery services.

Orders must be self-collected at Block 527A Pasir Ris Street 51, Singapore 511527, or you can arrange for pick-ups at Pasir Ris MRT. 

You can place your order through their website, drop them a message on their Facebook page, or send them through Whastapp at 84552552. 

Time for a nasi lemak party!

Ah Miao’s Kitchen
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