This massive thrift store from Japan has opened its first outlet in Bangkok with a wide selection of clothes, shoes, bags, luxury goods & more

by Marcus Leong

Bangkok has built a reputation for being a shopping paradise, with plenty of mega malls for us to shop till we drop. Just when you think that there’s enough options for you to shop, think again. If you’re a big fan of thrifting, you might wanna add 2nd Street to your list of shopping places in Bangkok

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2nd Street is a popular thrift store from Japan and they have opened their first outlet in Bangkok, Thailand. It is located in Big C Plaza at RAMA 4 and let’s just say, it’s so massive, you’ll literally be spoiled for choice. 

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The entire store is neatly organised by categories ranging from clothes, to shoes, accessories and even bags. You can slowly take your time to browse through all the racks of clothes to see what hidden gems you can find here. 

Most of the items here have also been carefully sourced from Japan, so you know they’re good quality stuff. What I love most about thrifting is, depending on your luck, you might even find brand new pieces going for a fraction of the original price. 

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Looking for some fresh kicks? 2nd Street has a wide selection of sneakers ranging from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse and more. The shoes are also in great condition, and you can hardly tell that they’re secondhand

Photo: Asisten Liburan Travel Consultant/google images

Once you’ve built an entire outfit together, of course you’re gonna need some matching accessories to go with it. Shop for items like watches, jewellery, caps and more here. Don’t forget to shop for a matching bag while you’re at it. 

Photo: วชิระ ป้องนาลา/google images

What’s even better is, 2nd Street also has a selection of second hand luxury goods in excellent condition, all going for a fraction of its original price. 

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How affordable are we talking? Well, prices for a Longchamp Pikachu coin purse starts from just S$92.56 (THB2,500) and a Gucci foldover tote bag here costs around S$740.50 (THB20,000)

Photo: วชิระ ป้องนาลา/google images

You can even find items from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Prada and so much more. Honestly, not a bad place to shop for luxury goods without paying the hefty price. I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting my shopping bags ready. 

Photo: Godzillakid A./google images

All I can say is, if you’re planning a trip here, make sure to give yourself a bit more time to shop as there’s plenty to look through. Good luck uncovering some hidden gems and awesome steals! 

Are you ready to shop till you drop here? 

2nd Street 
Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 Big-C Plaza, 2929 Rama IV Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
🕑 10am—8pm, Daily

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