Care Bears Cafe in Bangkok has adorable merch and IG-worthy desserts including Hokkaido milk ice cream, Thai milk tea & more

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When it comes to cafes in Singapore, it’s certainly not hard to find one just around the corner. 

Regardless of whether you’re craving for desserts, Muslim-friendly fare, or unique themed cafes, there’s always a new spot to try out. 

I am such a sucker for anything that is themed as I’d always look forward to seeing what interesting twist they’ve put into the menu. 


If you’re like me or just want to try something different, you have to save this for your next Bangkok trip.

Located in the buzzing Central World mall, Care Bears Cafe is fully decked out in pastel furnishings, rainbow-coloured walls and a life-size pink care bear that looks unbearably soft and cuddly. 

Care Bears Cafe
Photo: @tkfoodrecs/instagram

Take a break from all that shopping and unwind over Care Bears-themed desserts and drinks. Having grown up watching the cartoon, my inner child is screaming just looking at the decor. 

Photo: 郭芷維/google images 

Indulge in a plethora of sweet treats including ice cream, cookies, cake, milk tea, soda, and so much more. 

They are wholly devoted to staying on theme as you can find Care Bears-shaped biscuits such as the Butter Cookie (S$1.10, 30 baht) and Cheese Tart (S$2.18, 59 baht) — which looks far too adorable to eat.

Photo: Panwara Paritakul/google images 

Besides that, there are other equally aesthetic-looking desserts like the Heart-shaped Butter Cookie Strawberry Jam (S$2.18, 59 baht), Strawberry Cake Roll (S$3.66, 99 baht) and White Chocolate Mousse with Crumble Chocolate Strawberry Lava (S$11.05, 299 baht)

If you ask me, the pricing is quite reasonable, especially for cafe fare. 

Photo: @arimbeat/instagram

Or for those who are looking to grab-and-go, the Soft Cookie (S$4.62, 125 baht) comes in various flavours from chocolate lava and peanut butter to strawberry cheesecake and black s’mores.

Care Bears Cafe
Photo: po.foodbox/instagram

However, the drinks seem to be more popular with the crowds and I can definitely see why. 

The Caramel Milk (S$4.25, 115 baht) and Strawberry Milk (S$4.25, 115 baht) is lined with sugary rainbow sprinkles and loaded with tons of fun toppings like mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, pocky sticks, and whipping cream. 

Not to mention, each milk tea comes with an adorable Care Bears biscuit in every colour you can possibly imagine. 

Photo: whatsppeatingtoday/instagram

And of course you must have Thai Milk Tea (S$3.51, 95 baht) or Royal Milk Tea (S$3.51, 95 baht) whenever you’re in Bangkok.

For those who’re looking for a non-milk drink, the Italian Soda and Fruit Tea with fresh fruits for just S$4.25 (115 baht).

Care Bears Cafe
Photo: @pinxindependence/instagram

End off your day with a Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone in Hokkaido Milk (S$3.29, 89 baht) and Strawberry Yoghurt (S$3.66, 99 baht) with colourful sprinkles and a Care Bears biscuit. 


If I were there, I’d find it extremely difficult to leave. Luckily, they have a corner in the store solely dedicated to Care Bears merchandise. 

Photo: whatsppeatingtoday/instagram

Get your hands on your favourite Care Bear plushies, keychains, wallets, sandals, notepads, and so much more. 

Will you be heading down for some sweet treats? 

Care Bears Cafe 
📍 999/9 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
🕐 10am–10pm (Daily)

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