7-Eleven collabs with Andes by Astons for S$6.50 halal ready-to-eat meals

by Evan Mua
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Astons is often one of the first restaurant chains that come to mind when discussing where to go for affordable but solid Western food in Singapore— their price to quality ratio is top-tier.

But imagine this: what if you could have their restaurant-quality food ready to eat any time and only for even cheaper? Imagine no more, because 7-Eleven has teamed up with Andes by Astons to create a line of ready-to-eat meals — at only S$6.50 each, to make things even better.

7-eleven astons
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

Launching on 10 Nov 2021, you can find these Andes by Astons ready-to-eat items stocked at 7-Elevens near you. You can make a choice between 4 halal meals made with premium ingredients or… you could get all of them.

If you’re the kind who’s always craving meatballs but couldn’t last through the long queues into IKEA, it’s easier to head to a 7-Eleven and grab some of Andes by Astons’ quality Beef Meat Balls with Mushroom Sauce (S$6.50), paired with cranberry sauce and mashed potato.

7-eleven astons
Photos: 7-Eleven Singapore

While Astons prides themselves in their steaks, their grilled chicken is possibly just as popular. And in this collab with Andes by Astons, 7-Eleven has prepared 3 different ways to enjoy their juicy chicken.

For those who enjoy their most classic items, there’s the Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce (S$6.50), while the Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti (S$6.50) exists to satisfy spice lovers, and if you love Astons’ mac & cheese, then you should get the Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta (S$6.50).

Photos: 7-Eleven Singapore

However, if you’re not a picky eater, you can also get some of the newly launched 7-Select Western items that aren’t part of the Andes by Astons collab, including Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice (S$4.80), Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham (S$3.90), French Onion Soup (S$2.90), and Mushroom Soup (S$2.90).

Knowing how much Singaporeans love to pair their Western food with Mushroom soup, 7-Eleven is also offering S$0.50 off a bowl of Mushroom or French Onion Soup when you buy any of the Andes by Astons ready-to-eat meals or their 7-Selected Western meals. The promo lasts from now to 7 December 2021.

7-eleven astons
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

They’ve also added a little fusion touch into 2 of their new 7-Select items including an Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri (S$2) that’s made with risotto-style rice and Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri (S$2) that comes with aromatic garlic-sauteed prawns. You can get any 2 onigiris — including previous releases — for just S$3.80 too!

7-Eleven Select x Andes by Astons Ready-to-Eat Meals
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*Top images from 7-Eleven Singapore and T T Teo/google maps

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