New 7-Eleven ice cream treats from $1.50, include Durian Mochi & Ovaltine Crunchy Pop

by Natalie Lim

It isn’t just the vaccination that’s giving you heat flashes and chills. We’re at the time of the year where the weather in Singapore is erratic. It could be raining cats and dogs and the next moment, it’s sweltering heat that threatens to send us into a stroke.

To beat the heat, make a trip down to 7-Eleven for their new Wall’s ice cream treats. Whether it’s ice cream cones or popsicles you prefer, they’ve got it covered.

New 7-Eleven ice cream

7-eleven ice cream
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

The new 7-Eleven ice cream flavours start from just S$1.50, so this’ll be the time to stock up your refrigerator to make WFH a little more bearable. The Wall’s Durian Mochi (S$1.50) was first released in Malaysia earlier in February, but since it was a big hit with our neighbours, it has now been brought to Singapore.

7-eleven ice cream
Photo: @sfazly/instagram

Made from 100% durian puree, this baby is guaranteed to make any durian lover swoon. Imagine this. Biting into a thin yet sweet layer of chewy mochi, and having a burst of creamy durian pulp in your mouth — we can’t wait to rip the box open for this one.

7-eleven ice cream
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

Internationally, there’s Pepsi VS Coca Cola. But in Singapore, there’s #TeamMilo and #TeamOvaltine. For those who believe in the latter, you’ll be siked to know that the Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop Stick Bar has just been released in stores. 

hoto: @mseatmore/instagram

Priced at S$2.50 per stick, expect a rich chocolate coat and vanilla ice cream with swirls of malty Ovaltine. Yes. Yes to it all.

Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

The Wall’s Cornetto Bubble Cheese Ice Cream (S$2.60) is perhaps the most unorthodox on this list. A take on bubble tea with cheese foam, this ice cream packs a blend of milk tea and cream cheese flavours, and is even topped with brown sugar syrup, cheese cookie bits and real boba pearls.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have bubble tea in ice cream form, this is it. Individual ice cream cones are available at 7-Eleven, but for those that want more, you can get it at major supermarkets in box of three’s.

These new 7-Eleven ice cream flavours are while stocks last, so locate your nearest 7-Eleven store here

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