This coffeehouse in Johor Bahru has hearty and affordable breakfast staples like curry laksa, taro floss sando & unique kaya butter coffee toast

by Christabel Tan

Planning to get up bright and early for a trip to JB this weekend? Then you’ll naturally be in need of a breakfast spot to fuel up at before embarking on a full day of activities.

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Although it may be tempting to hit up the usual haunts like Roast & Coffee and Oriental Kopi, why not venture out to Ah Lee Kopitiam in Permas Jaya for a change?

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The casual coffeehouse is perhaps best known for their super fragrant and concentrated Kopi (from S$0.79, RM2.80), as well as the distinctive-looking Toasts that are best enjoyed with soft-boiled Kampung Eggs (S$0.91, RM3.20).

ah lee kopitiam
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Whether you go for the Butter Kaya (S$0.91, RM3.20) or Peanut Butter (S$1.08, RM3.80), you’ll notice that the thick slabs of butter are arranged in a rather unique way (it kinda looks like the toast has teeth). You can even opt for Coffee Bread over regular white or wholemeal bread, because who said you couldn’t drink your coffee and eat it too?

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Otherwise, go for the coffeehouse’s signature Pocket Sandwiches (S$2.25, RM7.90), comprising soft white bread packed generously with fillings like Luncheon Meat Fried Egg & Cheese (S$2.82, RM9.90), Egg Salad (S$2.25, RM7.90), and Classic Ham C’Floss Fried Egg & Cheese (S$3.10, RM10.90).

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Taro lovers will be thrilled to know that they even offer a Taro Chicken Floss (S$3.67, RM12.90), which is packed with taro paste and chicken floss, a combination worth trying at least once.

ah lee kopitiam
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For something more substantial, you’ve got the Nasi Lemak (from S$1.68, RM5.90) and Mee Siam (from S$1.68, RM5.90), both breakfast staples that can be easily jazzed up with Otak-Otak (S$3.56, RM12.50), Fish Fillet (S$3.56, RM12.50), or the crowd favourite L Shape Fried Chicken (S$5.09, RM17.90) AKA a whole juicy chicken leg.

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Don’t miss out on other local specialities like the Curry Laksa (S$3.41, RM12), which sees springy noodles in a rich, slurp-worthy broth with ingredients like tau pok, fish cakes, and fried beancurd skin.

ah lee kopitiam
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We also hear that the Dry Curry Chicken Noodle (S$3.67, RM12.90), Wan Tan Mee (S$2.82, RM9.90), and Tomato Shrimp Tofu Soup (S$5.38, RM18.90) are all worth trying, so you might have to make multiple trips…

In any case, the menu is very extensive, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy!

Who knows? This may very well become your newest go-to for breakfast in JB.

阿丽咖啡 Ah Lee Kopitiam
📍5, Jalan Permas 10/5, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia
🕐 7am–11pm (Daily)

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