This nostalgic Johor Bahru cafe has silky smooth orh nee, taro Teochew kueh & deep-fried molten taro buns that overflow with every bite

by Kaye Yeo

If you’re looking for a time-honoured shop that sells traditional handmade Teochew kueh and nostalgic dishes that will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking, then you probably will love Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih (阿嬷潮州糕) in Johor Bahru.

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih
Photo: @mark9plus1/instagram

As their name suggests, Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih has its roots in your Ah Ma’s (grandmother’s) generation, though they had been operating under the name of Lam Huk Kopitiam during the 1940s. With an 80-year history, the store is now in the capable hands of its fourth-generation family members.

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih
Photo: A‎h Ma T‎eoCh‎e‎w K‎uih 阿嬷潮州糕/facebook

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih uses their own family’s secret recipes, so you can be sure that the taste has stayed the same throughout the decades. Taro fanatics will also love to hear that their family’s recipes for their Teochew Oh Ni (orh nee, S$2.55, RM8.90), deep fried Golden Bun Oh Ni (S$2.55, RM8.90) and fried Yam Kuih (S$2.15, RM7.50) is bound to knock your socks off.

Photo: A‎h Ma Te‎oCh‎ew Kui‎h 阿嬷潮州糕/facebook

First up is their Teochew Oh Ni that is freshly made upon order. The still pictures don’t do it any justice, but it is more smooth and creamy than it seems. It’s also not heavily sweetened, allowing the fragrance of the yam to stand out.

Their Golden Bun Oh Ni is a must-order, with a crispy deep-fried layer encasing molten yam paste that will overflow with every bite. The savoury sweet combination of the yam paste, crispy crust and soft, chewy inside may just have you ranking this dish high up on your list of favourite foods.

Photo: Ah M‎a Teo‎Ch‎e‎w Ku‎ih 阿嬷潮州糕/facebook

Another dish that can’t be missed is their Yam Kuih. Rather than a kuih, it is more accurate to call it a fried yam cake that is not unlike the radish cakes that you can find in dim sum. The Yam Kuih has more yam chunks than flour, and the fried shallots and cai poh (preserved turnip) toppings help bring out the aromatic flavours of the yam.

It also goes exceptionally well with the shop’s special housemade chilli sauce, which boasts plenty of garlic and a hint of lemongrass for maximum savouriness.

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih
Photo: Ah Ma‎ Teo‎Ch‎ew K‎uih 阿嬷潮州糕/facebook

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih is known for their selection of kueh after all, so you should check out their Ku Chai Kuih (chives), Mang Kuang Kuih (turnip, all S$1.43, RM5), and their unconventional TeoChew Yam Kuih (S$1, RM3.50) that features the familiar stamp of png kueh — but is filled with soft cubes of yam instead of rice.

Photo: @ahmateochewkuih/instagram

If you’re feeling peckish, go for their main dishes which are all highly rated. The top favourites are their porridges (from S$2.83, RM9.90), Kampung Curry Mee (S$3.69, RM12.90), and Char Kuey Teow with Fresh Prawns and Cockles (S$3.69, RM12.90).

Their char kway teow is surprisingly full of wok hei flavour, even though Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih doesn’t use any pork or lard in any of their dishes.

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih
Photo: Ah Ma Teo‎C‎he‎w K‎uih 阿嬷潮州糕/facebook

So, check out any of their outlets at Jalan Trus, Eco Botanic or Mount Austin on your next Johor Bahru trip for some of the best yam kuehs and Teochew cuisine in the region!

Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih 阿嬷潮州糕
Facebook | Instagram 
📍 Multiple outlets
🕒 7.30am–5pm (Tue to Sun)

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