This Johor Bahru cafe has unique taro desserts like ice jelly buckets, taro milk bricks & even DIY mochi with 18 fillings to choose from

by Kaye Yeo

Taro lovers, you’ve probably heard of the cafes in Johor Bahru serving desserts like taro paste shaved milk ice, deep-fried molten taro buns, and taro croissants and taro latte, but have you heard of fried taro paste sandwich cookies or taro mochi ice jelly by Nuo Yuan (糯圆麻薯)?

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Although Nuo Yuan specialises in mochi desserts, they have quite the range of taro options for taro fans like us to indulge in. Most notably, they have DIY mochi where you can choose from seven flavours of mochi skin and 18 fillings to stuff your mochi with.

Nuo Yuan’s mochi skins are known to be chewy and super elastic, and they come in flavours like pandan, milk, purple sweet potato, and more.

Nuo Yuan
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Taro paste is (of course) amongst the selection of fillings, along with red bean, shredded coconut, black sesame, biscoff, oreo and even fruits and ice cream. A popular combination that taro fans would go for is a pandan mochi skin filled with taro paste, cream cheese or vanilla ice cream and purple rice.

Those who prefer a more savoury mochi can even add salted egg yolk and chicken floss to their mochi. 

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Prices for the DIY mochi starts from S$0.86 (RM3) for a single filling and up to S$2 (RM7) for three fillings. There are extra charges of S$0.29 to S$0.57 (RM1 to RM2) for some of the more luxurious fillings like fresh strawberries and biscoff, but considering how generous Nuo Yuan is with the fillings, I’d say it’s quite a steal!

Nuo Yuan
Photo: 糯圆麻薯/facebook

Leave some space in your stomach for their mochi ice jelly desserts too. The ice jelly (or bingfen) at Nuo Yuan are slurpy, large chunks of konjac jelly that are rather different from Taiwanese aiyu jelly that most Singaporeans are familiar with. It’s a rare find in Singapore, and it’s even rarer to find it paired with mochi!

Nuo Yuan
Photo: @糯圆麻薯/RED

Nuo Yuan has a Taro Mochi Ice Jelly Bucket (S$4.57, RM16) that’s filled to the brim with stretchy mochi, smooth taro paste, purple sweet potato, taro balls, three different types of fruit, sago, hawthorn and more. They’re very generous with the portions, so it’s best to order a bucket to share!!

They have other mochi ice jelly buckets in flavours like mango, passionfruit, rose and osmanthus as well.

Nuo Yuan
Photo: 糯圆麻薯/facebook

But that’s all — Nuo Yuan has quite a few unique desserts like fried mochi, dipping mochi, cheese foam purple rice milk brick, and a fried taro and purple sweet potato sandwich cookie that are worth the extra visits.

Taro purple rice milk brick was a viral dessert on Douyin, and Nuo Yuan has recreated it with taro paste and purple rice, topped with purple sweet potato powder and sea salt cheese foam.

Nuo Yuan
Photo: @Aivanna Lwee/RED

The sea salt cheese foam also makes another appearance as the dipping sauce for Nuo Yuan’s dipping mochi series, which has earned quite a name amongst visitors. If you’re feeling adventurous, you should also check out their fried mochi (S$2.86 for 4, RM10) which comes in seven flavours, one of them being sambal!

Are you ready to indulge in some chewy, taro mochi desserts on your next trip to Johor Bahru?

Nuo Yuan 糯圆麻薯
Facebook | RED
📍 25, Jalan Pendekar 16, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕒 12pm–5pm (Mon), 12pm–8pm (Tue to Sun)

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