New Bober Tea outlet at IMM lets you customise tea strength and flavour preferences

by Natalie Lim

There’s a new Bober Tea outlet at IMM with more flavours and customisation options. Besides choosing your tea base, you’re also able to select its concentration levels, style the drink by choosing a healthier tea-only option, or pair it with honey, Chizu, milk tea, or even with fresh milk.

Bober Tea at IMM

Bober Tea IMM
Photo: instagram/@boberteasg

It doesn’t take a bubble tea expert to know that the drink’s quality stems from the grade of its tea leaves. Though adding on toppings such as cheese foam or cocoa powder does spice up your drink, it doesn’t mask the taste of stale tea leaves.

At Bober Tea’s new outlet at IMM, the emphasis on tea is brought to the fore. Their drinks are made with four new types of Oolong tea, all freshly flown in from producers in Taiwan and China.

These are the four flavours you can choose from:

Floral Osmanthus Oolong

Golden Jade Oolong

Garden Peach Oolong

Milk Oolong

Other choices such as Blossom Jasmine Tea and English Assam Tea are also available, so tea lovers will be spoilt for choice.

Special “teaspresso” machines are also installed on the premises, which helps to extract the tea according to your desired strength. For those who need their caffeine fix, you can opt for a stronger taste.

Drinks and toppings

Bober Tea IMM 2
Photo: instagram/@boberteasg

After customising your tea base, you can then choose to pair it with honey, Chizu, milk tea or fresh milk—or simply have it plain. 

Then, complete your drink by finishing it off with toppings. From the standard Brown Sugar Pearls to a citrusy Passionfruit Popping Boba, you’re sure to find a combination you’ll like. 

Prices of the drinks without toppings are listed below.

Blossom Jasmine Green Tea (S$2.80)

 Milk Tea (S$3.10)

Oolong Tea (S$3.30)

Photo: instagram/@boberteasg

Other premium menu offerings such as Ceremonial Matcha Milk Tea (S$4.90, medium-size, S$6.20, large size) and Chizu Mango Latte (S$5.50, medium size, S$6.70, large size) are also available at the Bober Tea IMM outlet.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, try their seasonal Chinese New Year drink, Supreme Mango Grapefruit (S$6.80) instead. There’s a promotion price for a bundle of two at S$8.80—that’ll offset you enough money for another cup of bubble tea. 

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