Cluny Food Court is a new food court at Botanic Gardens with famous HK congee, Texas-style BBQ, pizza from S$12.50 & more

by Evan Mua
cluny food court

The Botanic Gardens are a hotspot for many people looking to have a picnic because of the tranquillity and lush greenery. But what if you want to enjoy the greenery but don’t want to sit on a mat and nibble on snacks and sandwiches? Well, then you can head down to the newest addition to Botanic Gardens, Cluny Food Court.

Opened by the Les Amis Group, known for their quality food and Michelin-starred restaurant, Cluny Food Court is a modern and casual food court that features many interesting options you normally won’t find elsewhere.

cluny food court
Photo: @mathewmervin.instagram

So what food can you find at this “alfresco” dining experience at Botanic Gardens? The range of cuisines at this new food court is quite diverse ranging from the famous HK congee brand Mui Kee to S’Mao Barbecue, a unique Texas-style BBQ joint.

And unlike the real alfresco restaurants and cafes in Botanic Gardens, you can get full at Cluny Food Court on a much tighter budget. You can get a bowl of wanton mee for S$5 and a pizza for just S$12.50 — probably some of the cheapest foods you can get in the area.

Photo: Cluny Food Court

If you’re looking for an alternative to the pricier pizzas sold by restaurants and cafes in the area, Piccante Pronto offers diners a 9″ pizza for only S$12.50. If you’re famished, you could also their 21″ XXL (S$48) to eat to your heart’s content. Flavour options include a pepperoni-laden Diavola, a spicy Suprema that has red chilli paid, and a Hawaiian for you folk that like pineapple on pizza.

cluny food court s'mao bbq
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The new S’Mao Barbecue is probably one of the most interesting stalls at Cluny Food Court, featuring smoky grills manned by a chef who’d worked in Texas. So you can expect the heartiest, smokiest, and most authentic BBQ meats such as Pork Ribs Plate (S$19) and Pork Belly Plate (S$18).

cluny food court mui kee
Photo: Cluny Food Court

But there are also familiar Asian favourites if you aren’t big on heavy Western flavours such as the comforting porridge from Mui Kee Express, a wildly popular congee brand that hails from Hong Kong. Starting from S$3 for a bowl of Plain Congee to S$7.80 for Sliced Pork Congee, this is affordable comfort food for those colder days towards the end of the year.

cluny food court laifaba
Photo: Cluny Food Court

Fans of Char Siew and Wanton Mee are also in for a treat as Laifaba, a hidden gem beloved by foodies, will have a branch at Cluny Food Court. Get the Signature BJT Char Siew & Wanton Noodles (S$8) for the decadent “bu jian tian” char siew cut, popular for its incredible fattiness.

We also know that many people need spice, the more the better, so the fiery Nasi Ayam Penyet (S$6.50) from Project Penyek will probably be a good choice if you need more kick than what you’d get from the other stalls.

Cluny Food Court by Les Amis Group
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???? 8am–9:30pm (Daily)*

*Opening hours differ from stall to stall, check out the website for each individual stall’s hours.

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