8 comedy horror films including underrated Thai films to kick off Halloween season

by June Ngooi

As October rolls around, it’s time to cue the spooky vibes and get into a chilling mood as the eerie season of Halloween starts. Be it unique horror exhibits or the returning Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, there is a little something for everyone.

For those who prefer a more low-key affair this spooky season, don’t worry, I’ve got you. As someone who is more of a homebody myself, I have compiled a list of eight comedy horror films you can binge watch in the comfort of your home to ease into the spine-tingling mood — without getting too scared.

1. Scary Movie series

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If you have not heard of the Scary Movie series, allow me to introduce you to one of the reigning classics in slapstick and satirical horror. First gracing the big screens in the year 2000, Scary Movie revolutionised its genre by featuring parodies of many famous horror films and introducing an element of comedy in it. 

The first part of it was such a hit that the series continued to produce four more after the original Scary Movie came out!

Available via online streaming

2. A Haunted House 1 & 2

comedy horror films a haunted house
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Like the Scary Movie series, A Haunted House is one of those satirical comedy horror films that is perfect for those seeking a quick laugh with a good plotline. Primarily poking fun at the found footage genre such as Paranormal Activity and the like, this film will be sure to pack some giggles and mild scares in your comedy horror list. 

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3. Ghost Ship

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No Halloween binge watch list will be complete without some Thai horror comedy films thrown into the mix. 2015’s Ghost Ship is a horror film mixed with comedic elements that tells a very compelling story. 

Aside from the obvious dark comedy elements, Ghost Ship pleasantly surprised me with its emotional-invoking turn of events. For those seeking a fulfilling plotline on top of humour and terror, this film is right up your alley.

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4. Dark Shadows

comedy horror films dark shadows
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Anyone who loves Halloween would know that Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a true classic for dark fantasy animation lovers and one of the must-watch films of the season. 

On the topic of Tim Burton films, Dark Shadows is another dark fantasy film that has horror elements woven intricately into it along with absurd humour. To me, this definitely takes the cake for one of the better stories that surpasses the element of just spooky, but also lies in the realm of emotion. 

Definitely one for late night snuggles on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. 

Available via online streaming

5. Make Me Shudder

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The second Thai horror on this list might leave some viewers feeling a little distaste at its cringe humour and in-your-face slapstick moments, but these are what adds to the novelty of the film. 

Following a group of eight students who fearlessly seek out ghosts in the forbidden haunted area of their school, Make Me Shudder paves the way for a reimagined spoof humour take on haunted school tales and legends with apt comedic timing. 

Give this one a shot, and I’m sure you will find it pleasantly surprising you. 

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6. Eating Raoul

comedy horror films eating raoul
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Fans of black comedy, this entry is for you! 

This 1982 classic was known in its time as one of the breakthrough thrillers that tethers on immoral absurd comedy. The moments of absolutely dry humour, coupled with sudden horrifying scenes, are sure to evoke a unique reaction of chuckles and dread within you. 

Bordering on some mature themes, Eating Raoul is definitely not for the faint hearted but if you’re seeking for something more than cheap thrills, then this comedy horror could be right up your alley for Halloween!

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7. Pee Nak 

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Pee Nak took Thailand and the international market by storm when it first came out back in 2013 because of its comedy and horror elements. Appraised for having a good balance of advanced comedy against a creepy backdrop, Pee Nak’s story direction and production was top tier.

I suppose it doesn’t come as a surprise that it later had two other sequels produced after the original. 

Available via online streaming

8. M3GAN 

comedy horror films m3gan
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Given how recent this 2022 film came out, I am sure you would have heard or came across the marketing elements of this film. And if you haven’t, do not worry! Halloween is the time to engage in this science-fiction thriller and follows the story of M3GAN, a doll with artificial intelligence who becomes increasingly violent and overprotective to her owner.

Despite its rather thrilling synopsis, there are some absurd comedic moments that will be sure to make you kick back with laughter in the most unexpected times. 

Available via online streaming

And here you go, these are eight comedy horror films that will be sure to boo-st your Halloween spirit with laughter and scares too!

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