This late-night supper spot has lok lok skewers from S$1, mookata and hotpot platters, herbal bak kut teh & more all under one roof

by Marcus Leong

Can’t decide between mookata, hotpot, lok lok or herbal bak kut teh? Why not have all of the above? That’s right, there’s a new late-night supper spot that lets you enjoy all these dishes in one place.

Dertien SG
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Dertien SG is hidden in Sembawang and offers Thai mookata, hotpot, lok lok and herbal bak kut teh, all under one roof. The best part is, they’re open until 2am daily — looks like I have a new supper spot to check out now. 

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If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a good lok lok. Dertien’s Very Good Lok Lok menu boasts a wide selection of ingredients, starting from just S$1 per stick. The must-try items on the menu include fried broccoli (S$1.50), fried wanton (S$1), fried crabstick (S$1), bacon wrap enoki mushroom (S$2.50), smoked duck (S$2) and more. 

Dertien SG
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Each skewer is fried to a golden crisp and dusted with their house seasoning. You can pair your lok lok with the selection of house-made sauces over at the free-flow condiments section. 

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Are you team herbal bak kut teh or pepper bak kut teh? Well, if you’re on team herbal bak kut teh, good news, as Dertien serves a hearty and very comforting pot of bak kut teh. For just S$7 each pot comes loaded with a ton of ingredients — thinking about it is making me crave bak kut teh now. 

If you’re not a fan of pork ribs, you can always go for the meatball soup (S$6) or even the pork stomach soup (S$7). Not in the mood for BKT? No problem, you can always enjoy some nice hotpot instead. 

Dertien SG
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Just when you think you’ve had enough, you’ll get proven wrong. Bring on the mookata stove! Pick your favourite ingredients and enjoy the best of both worlds — BBQ and a mini steamboat. 


Ingredients-wise, they start from just S$2 and you can find your favourite hotpot ingredients like garlic pork belly (S$2.50), prawn paste (S$3.50), oyster mushroom (S$2) and more. They also have steamboat and mookata platters that are great for sharing — or great for those who can’t decide what to eat. 

Dertien SG
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All that eating is bound to make you thirsty. Fans of Thai Milk tea will be pleased to know that Dertien SG has a 1.6-litre Thai Milk Tea Tower (S$9.90) — perfect to pair with your mookata. There’s also a lime juice tower (S$9.90) and even a Milo tower (S$9.90). Now I’m spoilt for choice. 

Dertien SG seems to really have everything. Apart from serving you multiple full course meals, they even have dessert sorted out for you — I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 

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Currently, their ice creams come in six different flavours — mango sorbet, dark chocolate, sea salt caramel & almond, nutella cheesecake, toasted pistachio, and mao shan wang. 

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The next time you’re on the lookout for a chill supper spot to satisfy your late-night cravings, you know where to head to! It is quite a distance, but trust me it’s super worth it. 

Which dish will you be eating first?

Dertien SG
Facebook | Instagram 
📍 29 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779081
🕑 12pm—2am (Daily)

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