Bring the kids to Diggersite this weekend: A new construction-themed playground in Yishun


When I was younger, my parents used to bring us to interesting playgrounds or themed parks where we got to play and try new things all the time, contributing to my passion for travel and adventure today. If your kids are like me and enjoy adventure, you may want to surprise them with a trip to Diggersite in Yishun. This unique edutainment centre/playground provides one-of-a-kind play experiences, that are not just fun but educational too.

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From sitting in the digger rides to operating a small scale construction digger (with adult supervision, of course), kids are able to practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through realistic roleplay.

Photos: @puterigunungsengkangakalilbud/instagram, @diggersite/instagram

My friend’s son loves his excavators and construction-themed toys (having bought him an excavator toy just last Christmas). So I know first-hand just how much some kids will really love Diggersite, a construction-themed playground.

I can already hear little Raphael asking his mommy to pleeeeease bring him to the playground in my head.

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In their safety vests and helmets, your kids will thoroughly enjoy their time at Diggersite as they operate the kid-friendly excavators (that’s two words I never thought I’d use) to try to dig up sand, pick up branches and other objects. It definitely beats them staying at home and watching the iPad or TV all day.

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There are machines of different sizes as well, ranging from the bigger ones more suitable for the bigger kids to smaller ones suitable for the smaller kids. The entrance fee will cost S$18 per child from age two.

Apart from the different stations, kids will also be able to play at the sandpit and obstacle course. (Admission is free for accompanying adults.)

Photos: @shaunwee.js/instagram, @diggersite/instagram

After some time at Diggersite, if your kids (and yourselves) still have the energy, you can also consider hitting up Live Turtle Museum that’s right beside.

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