Father’s Day 2020: Memorable Gifts Your Dad Will Absolutely Love

by Samantha Kwang

Now that we’ve finished the first half of June, Father’s Day is just around the corner! Despite the Circuit Breaker ending, retail stores are unfortunately still not open for business just yet. This means another round of gift-searching on online platforms.

It can be stressful to even think of where to begin, so we’ve put together a list of gifts that are unique and memorable. No more forgotten presents on dusty shelves!

1. Engraved Pocket Knife

WoodPresentStudio (Etsy): Engraved Pocket Knife ($39.15)

Most dads are their own class of certified handymen, from opening stubborn jars to fixing door handles. Gifting them a handy pocket knife sounds great, but a personalised one is even better!

Local army store Hock Gift Shop sells a good variety of quality Swiss Army Knives, and offers blade engraving for an additional $12. For more options, Etsy has a long list of pocket knives and Swiss knives available for personalisation as well.

If you’re looking for a next level of personalisation, check out this Etsy store which does handwriting engraving on pocket knives. Super cool and unique!

2. Wireless Earphones

JBL: Tune 120TWS ($149)

Like most guys, dads around the world tend to love tech and gadgets. The wireless earphones trend has been around for a few years now, so bring your dads up to speed as well! For the athletic dads, consider opting for cord-less sports earphones instead of in-ear headphones.

To browse a good selection of brands, check out local e-commerce platforms like Lazada, which host the official stores of many tech brands. Additionally, you can shop at your favourite local electronics stores like Challenger, COURTS and Best Denki on their online platforms too!

Note: Hachi.tech is Challenger’s official online marketplace.

3. Weighted Blanket

Jumpby2: 15lbs Cotton Duvet Weighted Blanket ($218)

If your dad is always complaining of bad sleep quality, gift him a weighted blanket this Father’s Day! Gaining popularity over the past few years, these blankets have weighted pellets inside to make it heavy. They use ‘pressure therapy’ to calm down the heart rate and breathing. This pressure also replicates the delightful feeling of being hugged and swaddled.

Studies have shown that they are effective in improving sleep quality, be it for those who have trouble falling asleep or those who keep waking up randomly at night.

JumpBy2 was started by a young Singaporean couple and specialises in weighted blankets made for Singapore’s hot climate. Alternatively, you can also check out platforms like Lazada and Amazon, which also carry various weighted blanket options.

4. Self-Chilling Beer Glass

Host (Amazon): 16oz Beer Freezer & Chiller Pint Glass ($13.34)

No more warm beer! Though the self-chilling glass is not a new invention, it’s always needed in hot and sunny Singapore. These glasses ensure your beer will stay cold for the longest period possible, with features like double walls and an insulating silicone band to prevent your hand from warming up the beer.

If your dad isn’t that big on beer, these self-chilling glasses come in other shapes for whiskey and wine as well.

Of course, all these glasses can be used for more than just beer, so your dad can enjoy refreshing cold smoothies and tea without having to dilute them!

5. Posture-Supporting Cushions

Core Products: SitBack Rest Deluxe ($45.20)

With age comes body aches, and while we unfortunately aren’t able to magically resolve them, we can help our dads alleviate some pressure on their bodies. Best suited for the dads who sit in a chair for long hours everyday, such cushions are specially designed for shock absorbance and posture correcting.

Aikaa specialises in developing posture-supporting cushions, proudly 100% made in Korea. They have cushions that support both the back and hips, which are good for both preventing body aches and alleviating existing backaches from long hours of sitting. A great option for dads who always complain about their bad backs!

5. Engraved Cutting Board

Arthur Zaaro: Custom Engraved Boards ($65 onwards)

For the dads who love to cook, a personalised cutting board will definitely hold a special place in their hearts. Be it with their names, or a cheesy “Best Dad Ever” message, this board is sure to stand out from the rest in their kitchen adventures.

One of the spots to invest a good quality custom board is local brand Arthur Zaaro, which turns locally-sourced wood into beautiful handmade furniture pieces.

They offer five different shapes and sizes for their custom boards, ranging from the small and elegant Cheese Board to the wide, functional Carving Board. There is also a wide selection of 12 different engraving styles to choose from, to help you curate the most memorable gift this Father’s Day.

6. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto: Piccolo XS ($99)

Like most other working adults, my dad holds onto his mandatory early-morning coffee like a lifeline. The classic instant coffee packets do the job, but anything other than black coffee will be a hassle to prepare. There are many home recipes for DIY cappucinos and such, but they never really taste as good as in the cafes.

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is one of the most popular coffee machines to get. It’s compact and easy to use, with 24 different drink flavours covering crowd favourites like Americano and unique flavours like Chococino. They even have a Starbucks collection to enjoy all your favourites from home.

The capsules are widely and easily available in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about your dad having trouble finding his capsule refills. This one is truly for the coffee connoisseur!

7. Custom Portrait Embroidery

Deer Folks: Portrait Embroidery Hoop ($55 onwards)

Adding to the list of meaningful personalised gifts, turn a photo of you and your dad into a special decorative embroidered portrait. While this is technically DIY-able, most of us probably aren’t good enough at designing and embroidering to pull off something of this intricacy.

Of the few local online shops that do custom embroidery pieces, Deer Folks offers a range of different customisable designs for customers to choose from. Besides their gorgeous portraits, they also do intricate embroidery patterns for mandarin surnames and custom floral lettering designs – whichever your dad will love most!

8. Cool Sunglasses

Sensolatino Eyewear: Aviano Large Gold Frame With Black Polarised Lenses ($49)

Whether your dad often plays sports or not, having a good pair of sunglasses is an essential in everyone’s life. Besides just fashion, good UV protection is important for our eyes, especially in hot and sunny Singapore.

Most optical shops in Singapore are still operational despite the restrictions, on an appointment-basis only. You can also browse a wide variety of sunglasses on Zalora and ASOS, and look out for platform-based discounts and promo codes to save more while you’re at it!

9. Electric Indoor Grill

George Foreman: 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill ($96.17)

To spice up your meals, let your dad have some fun with an electric grill. These devices come in different shapes and sizes, and have portable-sized ones that won’t take up too much counter space.

A grill may seem unnecessary if you already have an oven or a stove, but it makes a world of difference for cooking enthusiasts. The little bits of charring along the grill marks on meat can’t be replicated with a simple pan, and these grills can also help perfect paninis, grilled vegetables and other delicious treats.

Tip: Be sure to search for ones that are smoke-less if you’re planning on using them indoors!

10. Waterproof Phone Case

Overboard: Waterproof Phone Case – Small ($40)

When on family vacations, dads always seem to be the most enthusiastic photographers, even in pool, by the sea or on a boat. This Father’s Day, get your dad a waterproof phone case so he can snap away in peace!

This isn’t a new or uncommon invention, so it won’t be hard to find at all. Check out the usual few online shopping platforms like Shopee and Ezbuy for cheap options. If you’d like to splurge a little more on a product from a tried-and-tested brand, Dicapac specialises in waterproof cases for a large range of electronic gadgets – even DSLRs and video cameras!

11. Smart Home Devices

Hachi.tech: Google Nest Mini ($49)

We live in an age of modernisation, where smartphones and laptops are the bare minimum most people tend to possess. Take the technology in your home to the next level by investing in a smart home device to make your home appliances even more convenient!

There are many different devices in the market, and they’re actually not as expensive as you’d think. The Amazon Echo and Google Nest are popular options that you can check out!

12. Fitness Tracker

Fitbit: Versa 2 ($288)

Health is wealth, and it’s good to stay fit – be it for aesthetics or for health. Getting your dad a fitness tracker will encourage him to set fitness goals and move about more, especially during this period where being a couch potato is all too enticing.

Many of you may already own activity trackers like the free ones given out for the National Steps Challenge. If you’d like to invest a little to get a product with better functions and a more stylish design, you can browse good options on Hachi.tech and Lazada.

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