Taiwanese toast & milk tea cafe Fong Sheng Hao opens new outlet at Westgate

by Natalie Lim

If you’re missing the vibes of Shilin Night Market, Taiwanese-inspired Fong Sheng Hao cafe will take you back to the days where we strolled along these food bazaars without a care in the world.

The Taipei famous franchise has just opened its third outlet at Westgate, so Westies can look forward to decadent Taiwanese toast and of course, freshly brewed milk tea.

Fong Sheng Hao at Westgate

feng sheng hao westgate
Photo: @fongshenghaosg/instagram

Conveniently located right next to Jurong East MRT, the Taiwanese toasts are perfect for quick takeaways or a mid-day pick-me-up. There are many breakfast options available in Singapore, but what makes Fong Sheng Hao worth the try is their variety of flavours.

Since the toasts are charcoal-grilled, the bread’s exterior stays crisp and firm while remaining soft on the inside.

feng sheng hao westgate
Photo: @fongshenghaosg/instagram

The hot favourite on the menu would be the Pork Egg and Cheese Sandwich (S$6.30). The pork loin is marinated in-house and paired with a fluffy egg omelette, giving you a rich contrast of texture and flavour. 

Topped with their specially formulated chilli sauce, every bite of the sandwich is sure to give you a fiery kick.

feng sheng hao westgate
Photo: @fongshenghaosg/instagram

For something with a local twist, try the Pork Floss Egg (S$6.80). Crispy and fragrant pork floss is paired with melted cheese and a fluffy omelette, then drizzled with an abundance of condensed milk. A true party in your mouth.

Other items include Taiwan Special Pork Patty (S$6.60), Spicy Chicken Cutlet & Cheese (S$7.20) and more.

If you’re looking for some Taiwanese local fare, Fong Sheng Hao has got it too. Choose between Taiwan Popcorn Chicken Rice (S$9.80) or the comforting Taiwan Braised Pork Rice (S$7.90) — dishes that never go wrong.

Photo: @fongshenghaosg/instagram

Bubble tea originates from Taiwan, and while the cafe does not sell boba, it does serve milk tea. Their milk tea is made in-house and only limited quantities are sold per day, due to the unique source of their tea leaves.

The Fong Sheng Signature Milk Tea (S$3.90) consists of fresh milk and fragrant tea leaves from one of Taiwan’s oldest tea shops, and there’s also Cane Flavored Black Tea ($3.20), black tea with sugar cane syrup that’s boiled for long hours.

Whichever you choose, this is breakfast fuel that’ll last you through noon.

Fong Sheng Hao
Facebook | Instagram
???? 3 Gateway Drive, #01-08, Singapore 608532
????️ 9am–8pm (Daily)

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