This hidden gem in Bukit Timah is a German specialty mart that has unique products such as Haribo push-up ice cream and Lays Bolognese from Europe

by June Ngooi

As an international hub, it is no surprise that there is a diverse mix of people who come from different parts of the world here in Singapore.

You might have seen Korean, Japanese, Indian, Filipino, and even Arabic and Turkish specialty marts around the country, but did you know there is also a specialty mart selling all things German?

german specialty mart
Photo: German Market Place/facebook

Tucked away in a quiet corner in Bukit Timah just a stone’s throw away from Tan Kah Kee MRT, German Market Place is a specialty mart that serves as a one-stop shop for authentic German grocery items. 

german specialty mart
Photo: Yudong Sun/google

Don’t be fooled by its humble storefront! Upon stepping inside, you will be faced with rows upon shelves of products neatly stacked together to choose to your heart’s content. With more than 2000 products imported straight from the source, it is like a mini Giant in there.

Photo: German Market Place/facebook

As a German specialty mart, you can expect them to carry various types of housing essentials and grocery items such as fresh and frozen food, condiments, canned food, baking goods, snacks, household items, toiletries, baby needs, alcohol, and plenty more. 

Some brands will feel familiar like Knorr and Maggi, Ritter Sport, and even Lindt amongst others. 

german specialty mart
Screencap: @jimenamuchsel/tiktok

These include Knorr Fix Currywurst (S$3.00), Maggi Ravioli in Tomatensauce (S$8.50), Ritter Sport Kokos (S$4.30), and Lindt Fruit Sensation Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Cranberry (S$8.90) amongst many others. 

Screencap: @jimenamuchsel/tiktok

However, there are also brands that are new to us yet remain as German household classics such as Alnatura and Birkel.

What caught my eye was the Alnatura Dinkel Spirelli (S$11.80) and Birkel No.1 Muscheln (S$3.50), and there’s even more from those brands that I have yet to try.

There are also other never-seen-before flavours from staple grocery brands here such as Lays, I mean have you seen Lays in Paprika and Bolognese flavours because I haven’t!

german specialty mart
Screencap: @thehonestnutritionist_sg/tiktok

You can even find Germany’s classic gummy bear snack Haribo in this German specialty mart, and even its Haribo and Smarties push-up ice cream stuffed with real gummy bears and sugar-coated chocolate candies.  

This German specialty mart also has a website where you are able to browse their items and get free delivery in Singapore for orders over S$150

Be it placing an order or heading down to Bukit Timah, get a taste and feel of Germany in Singapore with German Market Place this weekend! 

German Market Place
Instagram | Website
???? 609 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 26971
???? 10am—6pm (Mon to Fri), 9am—5pm (Sat)

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