A Hello Kitty resort & theme park is opening by 2025, and here’s what you can expect

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Proven to be a timeless favourite, Hello Kitty has captured the hearts and adoration of fans all over the world. As an ode to her and her friends, the Keyestone Group has announced plans for a Hello Kitty Hotel in Hainan, China by 2025. The hotel, together with a Hello Kitty theme park, will form the Sanya Hello Kitty Resort, catering to fans of the Sanrio classic from all over the world.

Photo: Keyestone Group

Roller coasters, water rides & high elements

Photo: Keyestone Group

Across the 52-acres resort, you’ll find the usual attractions like roller coasters for the adrenaline junkies, family-friend water rides, and carnival games for the little ones. We’re particularly loving how the park is split into themes within itself — with sections that resemble Egypt, Hawaii, and a small European town.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for other familiar and well-known Sanrio characters like Sweetcoron, My Melody, and Badtz-Maru on various rides, shops, and even eateries. Don’t miss the plenty of photo ops that are well-scattered across the resort and park.

Hotel rooms & villas for booking

hello kitty resort
Photo: Keyestone Group

Perfect for those looking to spend more than just a day at the park, the hotel has 221 rooms and villas ready to welcome weary but satisfied guests. Of course, the rooms come adorned with Hello Kitty-themed furniture and interior, marking the cherry on top of your visit to Hello Kitty land.

Restaurants, a swimming pool, spa & more

hello kitty resort
Photo: Keyestone Group

Within the hotel premises you’ll find three signature restaurants and a bar where special menus will be curated for festivities and events throughout the year. Other available amenities also include a themed ballroom, swimming pool, a state-of-the-art spa, and a fitness center.

“We look forward to bringing to life well-loved Sanrio characters in this exciting new project, which will retain a unique identity while providing the JdV by Hyatt brand’s signature guest experience that is inclusive, free-spirited and distinguished by heartfelt and joy-driven service,” said Stephen Ho, president of Growth and Operations, Asia Pacific of Hyatt in a press release.

hello kitty resort
Photo: Keyestone Group

The resort is slated to open by 2025, so you can keep an eye out on Hyatt‘s socials and make your bookings when it becomes available.

Sanya Hello Kitty Resort
????️ by 2025

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