This cave-like cafe in Malaysia serves fluffy artisanal bakes from Flaaah bakery alongside unique and aromatic coffees, strawberry matcha, witty wines & more

by Marcus Leong

I always love visiting a cafe during my free time — whether in Singapore or overseas. This new cafe in Kuala Lumpur has gotten me absolutely intrigued. Think: a cafe serving pastries, coffees, and wine. 

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

Here in Haven Cafe is located along Desa Sri Hartamas in KL, sharing the same shop space as the popular cocktail bar Tap Tap. And yes, the cafe serves freshly baked goods along with aromatic coffees and of course, wine — definitely sounds like heaven now, doesn’t it? 

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Unlike many other cafes in KL, Here in Haven sports a more unique cave-like interior. You can expect to see lots of neutral and grey tones spread across the entire cafe space.

There’s also plenty of quirky corners that make for great photo spots, so make sure to get your cameras ready and snap away before leaving the cafe! 

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

One of the most popular baked goods on the menu is the Matcha Soft Bun which features a creamy matcha filling, encased in a soft and fluffy matcha-infused bun. It’s the ultimate matcha-overload for all the green tea lovers. 

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

If you’re looking for something simple and light to pair with your cup of joe, the classic croissant is the way to go! It is buttery, fluffy, flaky, and lightly sweet which pairs perfectly with any coffee. 

Fun fact: The pastries are all from the famed flaaah bakery —- so you know they’re really good. 

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

Drinks-wise, you can expect your regular cafe coffees like Double Espresso (from S$2.86, RM10), mocha (from S$4.58, RM16), latte (S$3.43, RM12) and more. 

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Matcha lovers, we’re back with another treat for you! Their drinks menu features two types of matcha for you to choose from. The Matcha Ren (from S$6.87, RM24) which is great for those who fancy a bold taste matcha. 

The Matcha Wakatake (from S$4.87, RM17) which has a rich taste with mild bitterness. So, whether you’re a hardcore matcha fan or just a casual drinker, they’ve got the right drink for you. 

Photo: Terrence318 (立鞍 . 莊)/RED

They also have specially curated drinks like Biscoff Latte (from S$5.16, RM18), Espresso Tonic (S$5.16, RM18), Sparkling Thirst Quenchers (from S$3.44, RM12) and not forgetting the viral Strawberry Matcha (S$6.88, RM24)

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

For something a little more bubbly (and my favourite section of the menu), Here in Haven also has a selection of infused wines. Each wine is wittily named too like Inspiration to Call Your Ex, Every Hour is Happy Hour, Which One Should I Call Tonight, and more. 

Photo: @hereinhaven/instagram

I don’t know about you but I’m already making plans to check out this cafe — I’m so excited to try their witty wines! Make sure to add Here in Haven to your KL itinerary the next time you plan a weekend getaway there! 

Are you team coffee or wine? 

Here in Haven
Instagram | Website
📍 76, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
🕑 10am–5pm (Daily)

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