This hidden pop-up store in Chinatown has a curated selection of over 400 retro-vintage digital cameras from just S$50

by Jermina

Photobooths aren’t the only thing making a comeback amidst all the Y2K hype — vintage digital cameras bring us back to the nostalgic early 2000s when our handphones were not yet advanced enough for photos (anyone remembers owning a Nokia? Good times.) 

Nowadays, we find ourselves gravitating towards vintage cameras to achieve that retro and old-school aesthetic. 

Well, here’s a shop that you should check out if you’ve been thinking of getting one of your own.

vintage digital cameras
Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

Just a five-minute walk from Chinatown MRT is Digicam Depository which boasts over 400 cameras for you to browse through. 

Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

They’re an online business that has just opened a temporary pop-up store just beside Chinatown Complex until the end of March. Prices start from S$50 for a camera, inclusive of memory cards and a charger .

What’s more, every camera is carefully curated to ensure the best quality photos and restocked daily. 

vintage digital cameras
Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

Choose from chunky classics to sleek minis from the 90s to early 2000s

You can also expect to find reputable brands such as Casio, Panasonic and even Fujifilm

Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

Here’s what you may find if you do make your way down. 

The Sony Cybershot DSC-W800 (S$220) gives off a soft and dreamy look (perfect for those who love exploring nature parks and going to the beach). 

It’s definitely an unmatched aesthetic that you can’t get with modern day cameras nowadays. 

Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

For those who love the vibes that warm filters give off, you might find certain cameras like the Olympus VG-160

It adds depth and character to your photos (and besides, it’ll save you some editing time).

vintage digital cameras
Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

You might find cameras like Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX2 (S$180) which give off a raw and unfiltered look. 

And to be honest, some of the photos do come out looking quite similar to the ones you usually take on the smartphone. 

vintage digital cameras
Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

The best part is, it comes in different shapes and colours to choose from — which make for great statement pieces. 

Go for pink if you’re into the ‘coquette’ look.  

Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

If not, go for the blue tones for a clean and cool look. It’s a safe choice if you’re looking for vintage digital cameras to match with your outfit.

Photo: @digicam.depository/instagram

As the cameras sell out pretty fast, do head down earlier if you want first dibs and a wider selection to choose from. 

Regardless of whether you have a passion for collecting cameras, love taking photos, or are simply into the Y2K aesthetic, there are more than enough cameras to go around. 

Do take note that they may be closed during the festive period but you can always refer to their socials for more information.

Will you be heading down to capture the perfect moment?

Digicam Depository
📍Smith Street, Chinatown, 050335
🕐 4pm–10pm (Daily)

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