Hippot at Bugis is a hotpot buffet with BBQ skewers and boba milk tea

by Natalie Lim

Hotpot restaurant Hippot recently opened its doors to Singapore and they’re having a promotion where the 4th pax dines for free.

It’s no secret that hotpots are necessitous to Singaporeans. Sure, many purely indulge in buffet-style hotpots for those unlimited trays of ingredients, to get their money’s worth. But there’s just something satisfying about swishing a slice of meat in the bubbling, umami-filled broth, coating it with your unique concoction of spices and sauces that makes you crave for it. Every. Single. Time.

Conveniently situated just three minutes away from Bugis MRT, Hippot is the perfect place for chillin’ after work or hanging out with your friends.

Hippot at Liang Seah Street

hippot 1
Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

If the restaurants at Liang Seah Street had voices, Hippot would be shouting “Pick me!” The storefront is decked in striking blue, with an eccentric-looking mascot plastered on the neighbouring pillar.

The mascot’s name is revealed to be 潮爷 (Chao Ye), which signifies fashionista in Chinese. And boy, does Chao Ye want to be heard.

hippot 2
Photo: instagram/@hippot_sg

A step into the establishment and you’ll be greeted with more pictures of Chao Ye, each holding a different expression. If he didn’t make it big at China Fashion Week, he sure did over here. With plush leather chairs filling up the restaurant, you can be sure to get a good and comfortable view of the mascot wherever you sit.

hippot 3
Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

Graphic T-shirts and caps embroidered with the mascot’s name are also up for grabs at the merchandise area, so you can walk out with a quirky souvenir.

Buffet sets and prices

hippot 4
Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

To start off, select your soup base. There are 11 choices for you to choose from, such as the standard Chicken Soup Base and Tomato Soup Base, or for a spicier kick, the Sichuan Spicy Soup Base and Tom Yam Soup Base.

The soup bases are charged separately from the buffet price and the prices are S$10 for a single soup choice, S$5 each for dual soup and S$3 each for quadrant soup.

There are two types of buffet sets available:

Buffet A: S$26.80++ (Mon–Thurs), S$29.80++ (Fri–Sun), S$16.80++ (Child)
Buffet B: S$43.80++ (Mon-Thurs), S$46.80++ (Fri–Sun), S$16.80++ (Child)

Buffet Set A

Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

Buffet A will satisfy the basic hotpot cravings. A large array of meat selection awaits you, with choices such as beef, pork, mutton slices, or more savoury options such as fish balls with fish roe and cheese sausages. Of course, vegetable staples like spinach, cabbage and mushrooms are available, and carbs include instant noodles, rice and vermicelli.

Buffet Set B

Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

But for the ultimate indulgence, opt for Hippot’s Buffet B instead. Besides the usual selection of meat, the set also comes with unlimited barbequed skewers such as chicken wings, pork sausages, enoki with bacon and prawns. Braised food like beef brisket and intestines are also available for those who prefer their meat slow-cooked and tender.

For dessert, there’s boba milk tea, smoothies with cheese foam, mantou with condensed milk and fried pumpkin cakes that’ll please any sweet tooth.

Even if you decide to go with Buffet A, you can still purchase the ala carte barbequed skewers at S$1 to S$1.50 to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ongoing promotions at Hippot

Photo: facebook/潮爷火锅 Hippot

To add on another reason for visiting, there are also ongoing promotions at Hippot to sweeten the deal. Not only does the 4th pax dine for free, you’ll also get a free soup base for Buffet Set B and a S$10 cash voucher when you spend over S$100.

However, do take note that you can only use a maximum of two of the promotions when making payment and they’re not applicable on public holidays.

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