Slickshots brings artisan gelato and coffee to Boon Keng

by Evan Mua
slickshots cafe singapore

Slickshots is a newcomer at Boon Keng who recently opened in December 2020. They bring some trendy café gelato and specialty coffee to a neighbourhood sorely lacking in those.

Sure, café hotspot Bendemeer isn’t far from Boon Keng, but why travel when you can laze in your own hood?

slickshots cafe singapore

“Slickshots” is a new word for your dictionary. It refers to someone who can pull off those effortlessly slick moves. In line with their name, Slickshots’ shop is a minimalist space with a largely laidback vibe.

There isn’t much furnishing or decor to speak of, but cafe hoppers would appreciate the industrial-like exposed concrete walls and white walls.

Besides that, wooden and green accents pepper the place for a nice, cosy contrast. But of course, all eyes would be on the sleek wooden coffee counter and ice cream display.

slickshots cafe singapore sweet cheeks

It should be noted that Slickshots don’t make their own gelato in-huouse. Fortunately, they source their selection from gelato veterans Sweet Cheeks. So you can be guaranteed a smooth, creamy texture.

The ice cream goes for S$3.70 for a single scoop and S$6.70 for double scoops. You can top up S$1 for premium flavours and S$2 for gourmet flavours.

For Sweet Cheeks fans, you can find some favourites like their Pistachio and Baileys & Brownies here.

slickshots cafe singapore sweet cheeks

But if you want to be adventurous, Slickshots also carries some quirkier flavours like their Ricotta with Pistachio Bits and Honey Chrysanthemums with Cacao Nibs.

The former was elegantly aromatic and refreshing with fresh milky notes. The latter was slightly artificial in taste, reminiscent of Yeo’s.

If you want something similarly bright but not cloying, go for the Koichi Yuzu . Its playful citrus spark is the perfect after-meal dessert to lighten the weight in your stomach.

slickshots cafe singapore waffles

In addition to the Sweet Cheeks gelato, Slickshots also offers waffles for those who can’t go without waffles as an ice cream pairing. Their Golden Waffles will set you back S$5.50, while Espresso Waffles cost a tad more at S$6.50.

Texturally, the waffles were great — insides were a fluffy delight while the shell boasted of a sensual crunch. Flavour-wise though, the waffles tasted too buttery with a touch too much “batter” taste.


Besides the Sweet Cheeks gelato, Slickshots also has a strong focus on coffee.

You can get your standard espresso-based drinks like an Ice Latte (S$6) to go with your ice cream, or get a pourover from their curated filter selection.

The pourover selection ranges from clean, fruity Ehtiopian single origins to the exquisite high-quality Geisha varietal which can’t be easily found at most cafés.

Overall, Slickshots is an interesting newcomer in a neighbourhood lacking in gelato and coffee. There’s room for improvement, but it’s nonetheless a great café for Boon Keng residents to chill at without travelling.

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