Hong Style Fried Rice at AMK serves eggy fried rice from S$4 by former Din Tai Fung chefs

by Evan Mua

It seems Singapore has a hot new food trend this second half of 2021 — former restaurant chefs striking it out in their own hawker stalls. First, we had a Peach Garden chef churning out Chee Cheong Fun, then we had a Crystal Jade head chef cooking authentic HK wanton mee, now we have Din Tai Fung chefs frying up plates of eggy fried rice at Hong Style Fried Rice.

Yes, chefs — plural. The hawker stall at Ang Mo Kio is helmed by a chef with over a decade of experience at the popular Taiwanese restaurant chain, assisted by his younger protege whom he met while at Din Tai Fung.

We all know how much Singaporeans love fried rice — Din Tai Fung’s in particular — so it’s no surprise Hong Style Fried Rice has gotten quite a bit of attention since opening.

hong style fried rice ex dtf chefs
Photo: @fodevarer/instagram

Hong Style Fried Rice is made for those who crave the classic Din Tai Fung style fried rice and don’t want to break the bank.

The premise is simple, just choose from their 4 varieties of fried rice including Garlic Egg Fried Rice (from S$4.20), Sambal Egg Fried Rice (from S$5), Malay Egg Fried Rice (from S$5), and the timeless Golden Egg Fried Rice (from S$4) we all know and love from Din Tai Fung.

You can also choose to jazz up your plate of smokey, egg-loaded carbs at Hong Style Fried Rice with toppings including pork chop, shrimp, luncheon meat, and Chinese sausage.

hong style fried rice menu
Photo: Hong Style Fried Rice

Needless to say, hardcore Din Tai Fung fried rice aficionados should go for the quintessential Golden Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop (S$6.50) which costs half of what it costs at the chain itself.

Those living in the Southeast of Singapore will have some good fried rice to look forward to, soon. The word is that they are planning to open another new outlet in Geylang Bahru at the end of the year, which will be run by the younger chef who will be fine-tuning his skills under the maestro until then.

Hong Style Fried Rice 四哥炒饭
???? Blk 332, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Johnson Eatery, Singapore 560332
???? 11am–8pm (Tue to Sun)

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*Top images from @fodevarer/instagram and Hong Style Fried Rice

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