Avery-Day is a Santorini-themed convenience store in Johor Bahru with scenic rooftop seats & rare imported snacks

by Christabel Tan

Johor Bahru is a reliable one-stop shop for Singaporeans; many of us journey across the causeway for cafes, supper, massages, and even car washes.

If you, like me, have a thing for convenience stores, don’t hesitate to hit up Avery-Day for a konbini experience unlike any other.

Photo: Avery-Day

This is not your average convenience store. Aside from the breathtaking blue and white Santorini theme, the two-storey Avery Day boasts both air-conditioned and alfresco seating, photo-worthy spots, and an incredibly extensive selection of products.

It’s also conveniently located opposite the beloved KSL City Mall, a pasar malam hotspot.

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Convenience stores tend to be romanticised, but this leaves little to the imagination. The expansive space is decked out in quirky neon signs, with plenty of natural light streaming in through the glass windows.

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I don’t know about you, but road trips always give me the munchies. Fuel up with an entire assortment of hot ready-to-eat snacks like Buffalo Wings, Crispy Chicken Chop, Corndogs, and Goreng Pisang, just to name a few.

The in-house bakery Grab & Go vburg is stocked with decadent pastries and desserts, including mini and whole cakes (for impromptu birthday celebrations), that will definitely satiate your sweet tooth.

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Take some time to browse through the shelves stocked with over 800 imported snacks, beverages, and ready meals from all over the world. From spicy Korean instant noodles to ramune soda from Japan, there are plenty of hidden gems worth discovering.

Photo: Avery-Day

Don’t miss out on the range of premium ice cream and frozen desserts, especially the popular Lotus Biscoff Viennetta Ice Cream Cake, Daim Cheesecake, and Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream. Avery-Day’s very own Biscoff Soft Serve is also a must-try, especially on those sweltering hot afternoons.

Photos: @jiawennl/instagram, @kiasukia/instagram

Head upstairs and enjoy your snacks at the breezy rooftop seating area. Don’t forget to snap a photo or two for the ‘gram before enjoying your chill lepak session with friends. Who knows? You may be inspired to book a trip to the actual Santorini afterwards.

A brand new Sahara-themed second outlet with floor-to-ceiling windows and cosy relaxation spaces will also be opening at Nusa Bestari in July 2022 — we can hardly wait.

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