LE Cafe is an old-school bakery with beancurd tarts & retro cakes

by Evan Mua
le cafe beancurd tarts

Old-school is still cool, especially when it comes to bakeries. Even with so many trendy bakeries popping up nowadays selling all sorts of molten IG-worthy bread, nothing can really replace the old school bakeries in our memories. If you’re looking for a blast from the past, then you should check out LE Cafe.

What’s special about LE Cafe isn’t just that it’s old school but rather their signature item — the Beancurd Tarts (S$10/8pcs). While we’ve eaten our fair share of egg tarts, we’ve never come across beancurd tarts yet. That’s because these are a Le Cafe original!

le cafe beancurd tarts
Photo: @couplegosg/instagram

Looking like pale-coloured egg tarts, LE Cafe’s dainty little tarts have gotten a lot of attention on social media for their interesting concept. We were sceptical at first but honestly, we might prefer these over actual egg tarts.

We couldn’t get over how bouncy and silky the beancurd was. And just look at that perfect gloss. Taste-wise, it was refreshing since its sweetness was controlled so that it wasn’t too sweet so as to overpower the whole tart.

The combination with the buttery and crumbly tarts was a perfect mixture of textures. LE Cafe’s creation is basically a beautiful marriage of 2 of our favourite snacks from when we were younger — egg tarts and Lao Ban Beancurd Pudding.

le cafe beancurd tarts
Photo: LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

Besides the plain Beancurd Tarts, you can also get an assortment of Mixed Beancurd Tarts (S$12/8pcs) with a little something extra added to the tarts.

LE Cafe’s quirky creations include flavours such as Longan, Peanuts, Grass Jelly, Red Beans, Gingko Nuts & White Fungus, and Egg White. You’d also find 2 pieces of the Original flavour in the box, so you can have a sample of everything.

le cafe confectionery
Photo: LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

If you’re not a fan of tarts or beancurd, you can also find a diverse range of old-school treats at LE cafe such as OldFashioned Butter Cupcakes, Coffee Cakes and even Pineapple Tarts available all year round.

Not to mention Old-Fashioned Buttercream Cakes packed with the nostalgic taste of sinful, unctuous cream that was just so unforgettably decadent. It’ll make the kid in you cry tears of joy.

LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry
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???? 31/33 Mackenzie Road, #01-01 Singapore 228686
????️ 10:30am–7pm (Mon–Sat), 10:30am–4pm (Sun)

???? Cambridge Rd, #01-02 Block 42, Singapore 210042
????️ 11am–7pm (Mon–Sat), 12pm–4pm (Sun)

???? 637 Veerasamy Rd, #01-111, Singapore 200637
????️ 12:30pm–4:30pm (Daily)

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