Get a sweet taste of nostalgia with free Gold Milo Van collectables bundled with 3-in-1 & Gao Siew Dai packs

by Evan Mua
gold milo van collectable singapore

There’s no breakfast beverage drink more familiar to Singaporeans than Milo. The malty cocoa drink has accompanied many of us from childhood, from being a staple part of our breakfasts to giving us something to look forward to on sports days with their iconic Milo vans.

No matter the era, each of us has a fond memory of squeezing in line just to get a cup of Milo from a Milo van. And now, you can get a miniature gold Milo van collectable for free, how cool is that?

gold milo van collectable singapore
Photo: Redmart Singapore

Just get any of the promotion packs of Milo 3-in-1 or Milo Gao Siew Dai (Less Sugar) and you can pull out a surprise — a shiny golden chrome Milo van of any of the 4 designs.

Yes, there are a total of 4 mini gold MILO vans to collect, looking mighty familiar with some of their most classic designs including the 1950s, 60s, 80s and a modern design from the 2010s. While there were plain green-coloured versions released last year, the gold is looking extra glamorous on these miniatures.

No matter what era you’re from, you can get a taste of that sweet sweet nostalgia. Even your parents can relive their youth with a blast to their past.

gold milo van collectable singapore
Photo: Jacky Saw/facebook

You can get the promotion packs at all major supermarkets in Singapore such as FairPrice or head online to e-retailers such as Redmart if you’re too lazy to head out.

It’s a lottery as to which of the 4 gold Milo van designs you’d get from each pack, but if you wanna get the full set in one shot, you can! Redmart guarantees you the complete set when you snag 4 packs in one transaction, for a total of S$26 — so S$6.50 per pack plus a cute collectable.

gold milo van collectable singapore
Photo: Tomica Collection 新加坡 シンガポール/facebook

These are only available for a limited time so get your hands on these glitzy collectables while they’re still available! You can order from Redmart here.

Free Limited-Edition Gold Milo Van Collectables
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???? With any 3-in-1 or Gao Siew Dai packs at all supermarkets islandwide & online
????️ From 23 August 2021 for a limited time only

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Top photos from: (1) Jacky Saw/facebook, (2) Tomica Collection 新加坡 シンガポール/facebook, (3) Milo Singapore

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