Flash this post to enjoy 1 for 1 LiHO TEA from 25–26 Feb

by Vivian Ng

One of our local favourites, LiHO TEA, has partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council and Tote Board to help raise awareness regarding the rising prevalence of scam cases in Singapore. As part of this initiative, customers are able to enjoy 1 for 1 all drinks at selected 4 participating outlets by flashing this post:

Flash this post at any 1 of the 4 participating outlets to enjoy 1 for 1 promotion on all drinks! SafeTea is a scam…

Posted by National Crime Prevention Council Singapore on Monday, 22 February 2021

Safetea campaign

Safetea is a campaign headed by the National Crime Prevention Centre, Toteboard and LiHO TEA. As online scam cases continue to rise in Singapore, it is of utmost importance that everyone continues to stay alert.

Vicious online perpetrators are always looking for victims. Since online scams take on many forms, it can be hard to predict cybercriminals and their next moves.

Online scams can creep into our inboxes via social media, text messaging applications, calls, and emails. There were cases where videos of celebrities are forged online, and shared in innocuous groups. These scammers seek out to prey on individuals who are unaware or let their guard down by accident.

Cases reported are increasing in numbers over the years, and getting more serious especially during these trying times. As part of the campaign, each cup comes with a special seal label that says, “Never share your OTPs, personal details, bank information or credit card details with anyone.”

While most of us are technologically savvy, let’s not take this good-willed reminder for granted and stay alert of all the malicious crimes that could happen online. On a brighter note, let’s savour our good ol’ bubble tea while appreciating locals looking out for each other.

The participating outlets are as of below:

????VIVOCity, #02-95
????Alexandra Retail Centre, ARC, #01-10
????The Clementi Mall, #B1-K6
????JEM, #B1-30

????️ 25–26 Feb

???? 2 – 5pm

Share this article with a friend and head down to the nearest outlet to enjoy your 1 for 1 LiHO drinks!

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