Popular ramen joint Menbaka Fire Ramen’s new student deal is fiery hot

by Evan Mua
menbaka fire ramen student deal

For those who haven’t heard of Menbaka Fire Ramen, you’re in for treat.

Especially for students, because Menbaka is offering a special Menbaka Fire Ramen Student Meal.

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You get Shoyu Fire Ramen (normally priced at S$17.90), a side dish platter, and lemon cucumber-infused water at only S$12.90++.

The sides include ajitama, chashu and corn.

That is a total steal, when eating at Ajisen costs more than that even without all the accompanying freebies.

Photo: @menbaka_sg/instagram

Menbaka Fire Ramen is a famous ramen brand originally from Kyoto that’s gotten feverish hype on social media. Mainly from their dazzling theatric of pouring burning oil onto the ramen in front of your eyes.

Their signature is the Shoyu Fire Ramen (S$17.90) that comes with Menbaka Fire Ramen’s student deal.

menbaka fire ramen shoyu fire ramen
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Its rich broth uses a unique blend of specially imported shoyu, chicken bones, bonito and mackerel flakes, simmered for several hours.

They then pour a negi onion (Japanese green onions) oil to provide that fiery finishing touch right before the diners. The negi‘s has a nice sharpness that can cut through the grease.

Photo: @menbaka_sg/instagram

For those not eligible for the student deal at Menbaka Fire Ramen, there are also alternatives such as the Tonkotsu Fire Ramen (S$18.90). A local exclusive for Singaporeans, who’re crazy for rich Tonkotsu broth.

Not forgetting our vegetarian friends, Menbaka Fire Ramen also offers a Vegetarian Fire Ramen (S$16.90).

Photo: @thefoodadv/instagram

Besides ramen, they also serve a fluffy Kyoto Menbaka Fried Rice (S$9.90) and some unique items like Crispy Charcoal Karaage (S$8.90) and Matcha Beer (S$12).

menbaka fire promo student promo
Photo: @thefoodadv/instagram

Above all, founder Masamichi Miyazawa’s son, Shin Miyazawa runs the Menbaka Singapore. So you can expect authentic and masterfully made ramen.

If you’re looking for a cool ramen place to check out, why not Menbaka? Especially if you’re a student—take advantage of Menbaka Fire Ramen’s crazy student deal.

Source: Menbaka Fire Ramen Facebook

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