Morimori Yogashi bakery in Everton Park sells Japanese pastries like fujisawa garlic cheese and mentaiko bun, kinako warabimochi and more from just S$2

by Jermina

Travelling to Japan has been on my bucket list for the longest time — simply because of its scenic view and authentic fresh food. 

It’s not hard to admit that the bread game in Japan is on a whole other level. 

That is why I was so excited to discover Morimori Yogashi Bakery in Everton Park selling Japanese pastries (now I can have a taste of Japan without travelling)

Morimori Yogashi Bakery
Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

Headed by a young chef who formerly worked at Marina Bay Sands and a Michelin star restaurant for three years perfecting his craft, you can expect to find a fusion of French and Japanese bread here. 

Morimori Yogashi Bakery
Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

If you’re not sure where to start, get the signature Fujisawa Garlic Cheese (S$3) loaded with Japanese mayo filling and a ton of garlic for an intense garlicky flavour

One piece is never enough (at least for me), but luckily they offer it in various bundles such as S$6 for two pieces or S$11 for four pieces

Just don’t eat it before a first date if you know what I mean. 

Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

Another crowd favourite is the Japanese Mentaiko Seaweed Cheese Bread (S$12 for 4 pcs) featuring a generous spread of cod fish roe mixed with mayo on a soft bun.

Every bite is a burst of creamy umami with a slight heat — super delicious.  

Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

They’ve got other breads as well such as Shio Pan, Japanese Curry and Japanese Sweet Potato Bread starting from S$2

If you’re with company and feeling a little peckish, the Large Signature Fujisawa Garlic Bread (S$9) is more than enough to keep everyone satisfied.

Photo: @morimoriyogashi/instagram

Bread can get filling rather quickly but you can always try out their mini snacks instead. 

Go for the Kinako Warabi Mochi (S$13.90 for 16 pcs) or the Matcha Warabi Mochi (S$14.90 for 16 pcs). It comes coated in a nutty and earthy powder, so feel free to enjoy it with kuromitsu syrup (black sugar) for a subtle sweetness.

The perfect treat if you enjoy food with chewy and soft textures. 

Morimori Yogashi Bakery
Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

Speaking of chilled desserts, enjoy their limited edition Hokkaido Milk with Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian Puff (S$36 for 6 pcs). You can tell that they don’t skimp on ingredients here from the lava-filled durian cream.

If you consider yourself a durian connoisseur, get the Hokkaido Milk with D24 Durian Puff (S$28 for 6 pcs) which may just steal your heart.

Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

Want something to bring home? 

The Hokkaido Milk Roll (S$15) comes in various flavours including Mango Passionfruit, Taro Yam, Matcha Yuzu Red Bean and more!

Morimori Yogashi Bakry
Photo: morimoriyogashi/facebook

Sink your teeth into the light and fluffy sponge cake, layered with soft velvety cream. 

Morimori Yogashi Bakery
Photo: @suchaminnie/instagram

If you’re not going to Japan anytime soon, Morimori Yogashi Bakery is a good place to satisfy those cravings (I mean the choices that you can get are truly endless). 

Will you be heading down soon?

MoriMori Yogashi Bakery 
Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍1 Everton Park #01-31, Singapore, Singapore
🕐 9am–6pm (Mon to Fri), 9am–4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun 

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