You can now indulge in chocolate-coated OREO ice cream stick sandwiches available at Fairprice Finest

by Christabel Tan

Those with a massive sweet tooth can agree that magic is made whenever well-known candy brands collaborate!

If you look closely at the shelves of your favourite supermarket, you’ll notice tons of exciting product launches every month. We’ve come across chocolate bars and ice cream sticks from Ferrero Rocher, ice cream from Kinder Bueno, the nostalgic Arctic Roll, and now, OREO Stick Sandwich Milka — the ultimate sweet treat for those sweltering hot days.

oreo stick sandwich
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OREO ice cream sandwiches have been around for quite some time, but the OREO Stick Sandwich Milka takes it up a notch with the addition of chocolate from the beloved Swiss confectionary brand Milka.

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It’s a tried-and-tested combination you absolutely cannot go wrong with — a base of vanilla ice cream speckled with OREO cookie pieces, sandwiched between two large OREO cookies, and liberally coated with Milka’s Alpine milk chocolate.

Food on sticks somehow just tastes better (just hit up any street food stand or pasar malam), and ice cream sandwiches are no exception!

oreo stick sandwich
Photo: @jemy_testujemy/instagram

Obviously, this is not the first time OREO and MILKA have collaborated. From chocolate bars to crunchy cream-filled cookies, there are plenty of OREO x Milka products out there guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth in one way or another.

Photo: @dubaistoreuz/instagram

A box of four sticks retails for S$12 at selected Fairprice Finest outlets — but we hear they’re not very easy to find.

Ready to get your hands on the Oreo Stick Sandwich Milka? Happy hunting and we wish you good luck!

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