Visit Jia Jia & Kai Kai’s panda cub from early 2022 onwards & other updates

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Singapore’s darling panda cub has stolen the hearts of many, and the attention of many more. Here are some panda updates on your favourite little one.

panda cub
Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

Visiting the cub from early 2022

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

We’ll finally get to visit the tiny panda from as early as 2022, according to MWG’s Group CEO, Mike Barclay. The cub will join its parents Jia Jia and Kai Kai in the public exhibit, finally ready to see the outside world after its birth and being in panda care for close to 100 days, as per the time of writing.

“Mom…mom??” | Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

In preparation of this debut, the panda care team has been helping him to adapt to new surroundings through conditioning and weaning him off being around his parents for longer periods of time. Regular health checks and monitoring will be conducted on him as well to track his progress and well-being.

More updates about this will be revealed soon, in December 2021.

Name reveal in December

panda cub
Doing a mlem | Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

Remember when the public was asked to vote for their favourite name for the panda cub? It will finally be jointly revealed by both Singapore and China in December 2021.

Just to refresh your memory, here were the names up for voting:

1. 宏宏 (Hóng Hóng)
2. 叻叻 (Lè Lè)
3. 新乐 (Xīn Lè)
4. 新阳 (Xīn Yáng)
5. 新缘 (Xīn Yuán)

First baby steps

panda cub
Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

It was announced today (19 November 2021) that the panda cub took its first baby steps, just shy of its 100th day mark, on 21 November 2021. Though slightly wobbly, the little one is making significant progress and has given us much to swoon over.

Baby teeth & a little over 6kg

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The panda cub now weighs slightly over 6kg, and is 67cm long from head-to-tail. He has also sprouted six little baby teeth since he was just two months old, and may start eating bamboo earlier than expected.

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