Feel like you’re on the set of Single’s Inferno at this island beach bar with golden sunsets and tiki cocktails in Vietnam

by June Ngooi

With Single’s Inferno Season 3 coming up, it is no question that a full rewatch of the previous seasons is in order. 

However, I can’t help but get distracted by the white sands and gorgeous blue horizons in almost every scene. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and hunt for my next island beach getaway this holiday! 

Photo: Thanh Ngo/google images

Pineapple Mui Ne is a beach bar on Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam that does not deserve to be gatekept.

Nestled right on the coastline, you can bet that you will be getting first-row seats overlooking beautiful sunsets and amazing views of the ocean! It is also worth mentioning that Pineapple Mui Ne has the most complete sunset viewing point in the Mui Ne area. 

pineapple mui ne
Photo: Dinh Pham/google images

Imagine this: amongst the spread of golden-dunes sand lies an array of large bean bags in assorted summer colours lightly shaded by tall palm trees under lilac sunset skies. I don’t know about you, but that’s just the perfect backdrop to lounge and have some drinks, no?

And that’s exactly what this beach bar also has! 

Photo: @pineapple_muine/instagram

The bar sits in a beach hut that is decked with a wooden rustic aesthetic, overlooking the sea and surrounded by hammocks. There will be plenty of IG-worthy opportunities for your stories!

Photo: Pineapple Mui Ne/google images

Expect to find classic tiki cocktails on the menu like margaritas, martinis, and mojitos. It is so easy to just grab those cocktails from the bar and savour them as you watch the sunset. 

If the sound of that does not already entice you, get a load of this. 

Photo: Pineapple Mui Ne/google images

There is also a small stage area for light music and live bands as you go deeper into the night. The vibes are definitely running high for this one! 

pineapple mui ne
Photo: @pineapple_muine/instagram

I’m already this close to booking a flight ticket over to this hidden spot at Pineapple Mui Ne for vacation and starting my island girl era. 

Will you add this place to your growing to-visit list?

Pineapple Mui Ne
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