Any boba lovers fancy the new Pizza Hut bubble tea pizza?

by Evan Mua
pizza hut bubble tea pizza

Pizza Hut has released a new limited-edition pizza, a bubble tea pizza. Yes, you heard that right. Bubble tea on pizza.

Pizza Hut’s new Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza will be available from today to 30 March 2021. It’s available at all outlets across Singapore, except Pizza Hut Express outlets.

The new Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza is topped with an array of everyone’s favourite chewy bubble tea pearls, colourful marshmallows, and mozzarella. Most importantly, it has a very unique brown sugar milk tea sauce.


If you wanna indulge in this brand new creation, it’s available for dine in at S$11.80 for a Boba Set, paired with a side and drink.

Alternatively, a better deal would be to order Pizza Hut’s bubble tea pizza through delivery or takeaway. Pizza Hut is offering 50 per cent off two pizzas for delivery, or one for takeaway. (T&Cs apply)

You can order on their website here.

If the debate on whether pineapple should be put on pizza isn’t heat enough already, bubble tea on pizza has joined the fray.

Photo: @spiceworldsg/instagram

We’ve all seen the insane queues for bubble tea everywhere. We know Singaporeans would try almost anything associated with bubble tea. Anyone remembers the bubble tea hotpot a few years back?

Why a bubble tea pizza, you ask? Head of Marketing and Food Innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore, Jayss Rajoo sheds some light on how the boba-shaped lightbulb lit up above their heads:

“We know that pizza is a firm family favourite of Singaporeans; so, we thought, why not combine it with another great Singaporean love–bubble tea?”

Photo: @pizzahut_sg/instagram

It’s not the first time Pizza Hut has tried to integrate popular local flavours into their pizzas. Before this Pizza Hut bubble tea pizza, we’d already seen their funky durian pizza last year.

Is a bubble tea pizza weird? Maybe. Would people still buy it for the novelty value? Definitely. So, for anyone out there who somehow wondered what bubble tea would taste like on pizza, this is your chance.

Source: Pizza Hut

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