Just opened: Pocha in a Forest crash lands you into the lively streets of Korea with its food tent getup

by Evan Mua
pocha in a forest

Yeah, we’re in a midst of a pandemic and we still can’t fly anywhere but that doesn’t stop us from pining for the bustling streets of Korea. Pocha in a Forest has the same idea — this newly opened Korean eatery is dressed up to look exactly like a place you can find a K-drama lead guzzling beer after some troubles with their love interest.

It finds its home along Prinsep Street, a Korean hotspot of sorts that features many promising new Korean joints serving authentic and hearty Korean fare such as 90 Minutes, wildly popular for their super value-for-money hotpot tteokbokki buffet.

pocha in a forest
Photo: Pocha in a Forest

The main attraction here is their pojangmacha look —recreating the red-tented street stalls that fill the streets of Korea, serving homely street food such as tteokbokki.

So for those craving a taste of Korea, Pocha In A Forest can provide you with a unique experience with their red tent, yellow plastic chairs, and tiny metal tables. We don’t think we’ve seen any other Korean restaurant with the same getup yet, so this is a first.

For the classic experience get yourself some bar bites to go with drinks. Nothing beats the simple but indulgent Spring Onion Pancake (S$14), hearty Kimchi Pizza ($18) or the ever-popular Yangnyeom Chicken Wings (S$18).

pocha in a forest
Photo: Pocha in a Forest

Though we say go for more interesting and authentic stuff like Dried Pollack Fish (S$12) or Chicken Heart Skewers (S$12).

Then get yourself some alcohol to enliven your meal — you can choose from a wide variety of soju (S$18) and makgeolli (from S$24). And if you need a cold one for the hot weather, you can find a special Ice Beer (S$15 a pint) on Pocha in a Forest’s menu.

pocha in a forest
Photo: Pocha in a Forest

By freezing the glass at frigid temperatures, the foam from the beer pour freezes and adorns the glass with a film of ice. Intrigued? You’re in luck then, since they have an opening promo where you can get 1 free mug of the Ice Beer when you order 2.

But what if you’re not a heartbroken K-Drama lead who needs a drink at night? Then you can still head down to Pocha in a Forest for their lunch specials.

Photo: Pocha in a Forest

Dig into the good stuff such as Kimchi Fried Rice (S$15), Spicy Instant Noodle ($12), Bibimbap ($16), and Stir Fried Noodles (S$14) while pondering about the last K-Drama you watched.

“Why is Shi Jin so dreamy? Will Jeong Hyeok and Se-ri ever work out?” We won’t spoil you but pondering the mysteries of the K-Drama universe in the red tents will surely add some immersion.

Pocha in a Forest
Facebook | Instagram
???? 36 Prinsep St, #01-01 Singapore 188648
????️ 3pm–10:30pm (Mon), 12pm–10:30pm (Tue–Sun)

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