Meal time is better with garlic butter buns, cold brews & pastries delivered to you in this specially-curated WFH kit

by Vera

At this point, the question is what surprises us anymore? We’ve grown used to catapulting in between working from home, working in the office on selected days, dining in, and arranging for food deliveries. If variety and more options are what you’re looking for to shake your routine meal times up, I might have just the thing for you — Restaurant Salt’s WFH Kit is specially designed to kick those wfh blues to the curb.

What you’ll get here is far from the standard ‘basic’ cafe food, no. Innovation is the name of the game at Restaurant Salt, and it is also this very trait that sets them apart from competitors.

“Lunch Box”

Lunch Box from Restaurant Salt

Here’s where you’ll find a diverse meld of savoury deli including a lobster roll, three chorizo financiers, an almond croissant, and the most glorious garlic bun you’ll have in a long while.

The “Lunch-Box” goes at S$39.90.

Garlic Cream Cheese Bun

Garlic cream cheese bun from Restaurant Salt

Speaking of the glorious garlic bun, zooming right into these and straight up ordering a box full of them is a highly-recommended option too. Chockfull of rich cream cheese-stuffed buns are dipped into a garlic butter sauce and then baked — once you’ve tasted these, it’s hard to stop at just one.

They’re sold at two buns for S$18, and four buns for S$32.

Pastry Set

Pastry Set from Restaurant Salt

Restaurant Salt understands that you might be missing your favourites in the pastry section, so they’re committed to bringing them to you in this Pastry Set (one pastry for S$4.50, four pastries for S$15). Choose from a selection of butter croissant, almond croissant, cinnamon bun, raisin roll, and butterhorn and recreate your dreamy cafe afternoons at home in between work calls.

Cold Brew

The Cold Brew (one bottle for S$12, four bottles for S$46) offerings here are divided into coffee and non-coffee options.

Coffee-forward beverages include Black, White, Mocha, Oat cold brews, and each bottle can be split into two servings, or three if you drink smaller portions at a go.

The non-coffee alternatives feature more tea-heavy selections like Matcha, Houjicha, Earl Grey Lavender, and the interesting Fruit Vinegar if you’re looking for something tart to quench the thirst.

Place your orders here, and get your meal delivered to you at S$8 for islandwide delivery. Alternatively, engage in group buys and consolidate bulk orders for a better deal and slide into Restaurant Salt’s DMs.

Restaurant Salt
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???? 49 Circular Road, Singapore 049404
???? Pickup: 12pm–7.30pm (Daily)
???? Delivery: 11.30am–1pm (Mon to Fri), 12.30pm–3.30pm (Sat), Closed on Sun

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