Rotiboy returns to Singapore with signature fragrant coffee buns at KINEX

by Evan Mua

Remember those days where we rushed straight for JB Sentral right after we get off the bus at the Malaysia customs? All for a bite of the fluffy Rotiboy buns, which couldn’t be found in Singapore.

Sadly, gone were the days where we could buy Rotiboy and Banana Cake back from JB in bulk. We’re sure many of you miss the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked coffee buns. Thankfully, Rotiboy has returned to Singapore!

rotiboy singapore kinex
Photo: Shaun Law/Google Maps

A Rotiboy outlet has opened up in the basement of KINEX, a mall located in Katong. For those who are missing the aromatic coffee buns from JB, maybe a trip down to Kinex is in order.

But if you’re wary of meeting a queue, don’t worry because Rotiboy’s Singapore website allows for pre-orders currently! You just have to place an order and it will be available for next day pick up.

rotiboy singapore kinex
Photo: @rotiboy_karawaci/instagram

Definitely look forward to getting a bite of the delicious Rotiboy (S$2.50). These Mexican Coffee Buns are the ultimate Rotiboy classic that every fan would be familiar with.

If you haven’t had Rotiboy’s coffee buns before, you are in for a treat now that they are in Singapore. They are popular for these soft bundles of joy made with Mexican coffee.

rotiboy singapore kinex
Photo: @xprofoodie/instagram

What makes it so indulgent is the coffee-flavoured cookie crust on the outside, making it an addictive snack. A touch of sweetness and a touch of savouriness — the best of both worlds.

Besides their signature, Rotiboy will also be offering other creations to Singapore — yes, Rotiboy has siblings.

There’s the chocolate-filled Mochaboy (S$3), cream-cheese-loaded Cheeseboy (S$3) that’s topped with grated cheddar, and Buttermilkboy (S$3) that comes with a milky butter filling and chocolate chips.

rotiboy singapore kinex
Photo: Roti Boy Malaysia

So there’s going to be a little something for everyone, even for those who aren’t big on coffee. You can enjoy these pillowy babies any way you like.

Rotiboy actually opened Singapore in the past but they decided to say goodbye to Singapore. Here’s hoping for a good return to our shores because we know everyone is missing the food from JB!

Make your pre-orders here.

For another familiar taste of JB, check out the popular DLLM Lok Lok for authentic JB style Lok Lok — at just S$1 per stick.

Rotiboy Singapore @ KINEX
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????️ 10am–10pm (Daily)

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