DLLM Lok Lok feeds your cravings with S$1 sticks open till 4am

by Evan Mua
DLLM Lok Lok

We gotta admit, while we miss the scenery of Japan and the street food of Taiwan, what we miss the most is the cheap food of JB. DLLM Lok Lok knows that and they are here to feed your JB Lok Lok cravings.

Besides all the Curry Fish Heads and Zi Char, cheap Lok Lok is one of the biggest indulgences in JB. Hunting down dingy vans by the roadside to watch them deep fry some juicy skewers. Those were the times.

While travel to JB is still nowhere in sight, many Lok Lok places have popped up in Singapore. One of them, in particular, is DLLM Lok Lok at Tai Seng who are popular for their S$1 skewers.

DLLM Lok Lok Tai Seng
Photo: @karhingc/instagram

One thing that sets them apart from other Lok Lok places is their branding. It’s so off the wall and playful that it’s hard to forget.

Where else can you find a stall with a logo and mascot of a grandma wearing gangsta shades and holding two skewers in a provocative manner? Only at this Tai Seng coffee shop.

DLLM Lok Lok $1 Skewer
Photo: @girlfeelworld/instagram

Of course, funny branding isn’t worth the trip down to Tai Seng. What makes it worth the trip is their Skewers — priced at just S$1. All skewers, no matter the ingredients.

Looking into the fridge at DLLM Lok Lok, you can find a huge selection of skewers, with something for everything. Sausage, luncheon meat, otah fishcake, cauliflower… The list goes on and on.

There’s even seafood like prawn and sotong which go for the same price as the other ingredients. Quite an attractive proposition.

DLLM Lok Lok Salted Egg Sauce
Photo: @chocolatetbasil/instagram

Another thing that makes DLLM Lok Lok so worth it is their range of free flow sauces.

Lok Lok is usually best paired with Spicy or Sweet and Sour sauces. One of them is the Chinchalok, a piquant mix of shallots, chili padi and lime. Another is the Thai Nam Jin Sauce, which is spicy with a touch of citrus.

But besides the usual suspects, they also provided more unique dips like their creamy homemade Salted Egg Sauce and Satay Sauce. The Salted Egg Sauce is definitely the crowd favourite at DLLM Lok Lok.

Photo: @jarylzjs/instagram

For carbs, they also serve an Ah Ma Mee with Egg ($2.50), which is essentially Maggie Curry or Chicken noodles. But really, why come to a Lok Lok place and not get more of those S$1 skewers?

So if you’re missing JB like many of us are and want a Lok Lok fix, why not go down to DLLM Lok Lok and join the queue? S$1 Lok Lok with free flow sauces, and even Salted Egg Sauce? They certainly got many heads turned.

DLLM Lok Lok
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???? 171 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348536
????️ 6pm–4am (Tue–Sun)

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