Spa Nes has an affordable all-day spa pass that lets you fully relax in hot and cold pools and more

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Life feels like a constant rat race in fast-paced Singapore, with a neverending cycle of things to do and accomplish. From our childhoods when we’re busy with school, homework, tuition, extracurricular classes and more, to when we’re finally done with school and have moved on into life as working adults – figuring out what it is that we want to do, and how to excel at our chosen careers, etc.

spa nes
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Sometimes we just need a break and while enjoying delicious food or letting our hair down at parties can be good, what about a well-deserved spa day instead? One where you can fully relax, enjoy some peace and quality self-care time just decompressing. Enter Spa Nes with its All Day Spa Pass (S$68) where you can spend all day literally just relaxing.

The all-day pass entitles you to a 5-course premium set meal and free-flow refreshments including hot and cold beverages and snacks. Most importantly, feel free to spend copious amounts of time relaxing in various facilities.

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First, head to the rain shower to have a luxuriant wash before heading into the pools. Then dip into the hot pool and feel the tension in your muscles melt away into the heat of the water. Love a good cold pool? Head to the cold pool and feel invigorated while boosting your immune system and blood circulation. 

spa nes
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Next, head to the sauna for a good sweat session and follow that with some time in the steam room which will help to lower your blood pressure and improve circulation too. Once you’ve finished making your rounds through the facilities and still feel like you need more, feel free to visit your favourite facilities again and make the most of your all-day pass.

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Otherwise, your pass also entitles you to access to the VIP lounge with smart TV entertainment, if you’re looking to chill for a bit (maybe with a magazine or favourite read loaded in your Kindle or Kobo in hand!).

And if you’re ready to call it a day, a full range of toiletries is provided for you to wash up before you leave.

At S$68 for this all-day spa pass inclusive of a full 5-course meal and free-flow refreshments along with a lovely suite of facilities, it’s definitely a value-for-money deal for a great day at the spa!

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