Spend a cosy afternoon at Manbo Bagel in Johor that serves sourdough bagels in flavours like purple yam, mocha-biscoff, uji hojicha & more

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You can’t deny that travelling to Johor Bahru to visit animal cafes, shop at malls, or attending art studios is every Singaporean’s favourite pastime. 

So, of course you’ll need something to fuel your day, but sometimes we aren’t exactly in the mood for something too filling. 

Manbo Bagel
Photo: Manbo Koppepan/facebook

Luckily for us, Manbo Bagel is a quaint bakery in Batu Pahat, Johor— about a two hour’s drive from JB — that serves freshly baked sourdough bread and bagels with unique flavour combinations.

It’s not to be confused with the ever-so-popular JB, but it’s nice to switch things up every now and then.

Manbo Bagel
Photo: @manbo_bagel/instagram

It makes for a quick and simple midday snack and the prices are relatively affordable given that they use quality Japanese flour and natural ingredients.

When you’re there, you have to try the stuffed bagels with different fillings. 

Photo: Manbo Koppepan/facebook

Each bagel has a soft and chewy texture which pairs well with the rich filling from the Japanese-inspired bagels including the Uji Hojicha Chestnut Mochi (S$2.84, RM10) and Purple-Yam & Soy Kinako (S$2.56, RM9).

Both make for a heartier snack that’ll keep your tummy satisfied for quite a while. 

Manbo Bagel
Photo: Ng Ying Er/google images

Otherwise the Summer Molly Passion Fruit Yuzu (S$2.56, RM9) or Summer Passonfruit (S$1.70, RM6) comes through with its tangy and refreshing flavour profile — perfect for this sweltering heat.

Photo: Manbo Koppepan/facebook

There are many flavours to suit everyone’s taste buds from dessert bagels such as Double Chocolate Indulgence (S$2.27, RM8) and Mocha-Biscoff Caramelized Apple (S$3.12, RM11) to savoury sandwich bagels like Cheddar-Melt (S$1.99, RM7).

Manbo Bagel
Photo: Erica/google images

If you’re visiting in a large group, they also have sourdough focaccia or pizza to share.

Photo: @manbo_bakery/instagram

The Cherry Tomato Cheddar Herbs Focaccia (S$2.84, RM10) features a golden, light, and airy sourdough focaccia bread that is lightly drizzled with olive oil and mixed herbs.

Photo: Manbo Koppepan/facebook

For the same price, you could get the Italian Red Pesto Tomato Chicken Pizza (S$2.84, RM10) or Roasted Potato Turkey Ham Mozzarella Focaccia (S$2.84, RM10) that comprises mixed vegetables and smoky bits of meat.

Photo: Manbo Bagel 曼波貝果/google images

Regardless of whether you are there for breakfast, lunch or tea, it’d make for a great pit stop with a decent variety of sourdough bakes to choose from. 

Will you be heading to Manbo Bagel on your next getaway?

Manbo Bagel
Facebook | Instagram 
📍127, Jalan Mustaffa, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
🕐 10am–6pm (Mon, Wed to Sun), Closed on Tue

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