Spring Heal Spa has a S$15 hot stone sauna like Korea’s jjimjilbang, affordable massage services & more

by Jesslyn Lye

If you’ve ever been to a jjimjilbang (public bathhouse) in Korea or if you frequently watch Korean dramas, chances are, the hot stone sauna is a familiar sight. Thankfully, we don’t have to fly all the way to Korea to experience a jjimjilbang when we can try it at Spring Heal Spa at Chinatown Point.

Relax in the hot stone sauna, where you’ll find the floor covered in small, smooth stones warmed to a temperature of 38 to 45 degrees celsius. You’ll be surprised how comfortable it is to lie on the stones, especially when they’re warm! If you constantly suffer from aching muscles, the pressure from the stones is great for loosening those knots.

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Plus, the sauna also has warm himalayan salt walls that provide additional therapeutic benefits, and free tea to keep you hydrated. Priced at just S$15 for a 60-minute session, the hot stone sauna is really quite worth it.

Besides the hot stone sauna, they also offer a variety of massage, wellness, and traditional Chinese medicine services at fairly affordable prices to give you the full spa experience. 

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Photos: 小白羊在此/RED

Those who enjoy the hot stone sauna will probably also like the Hot Stone Massage (S$68), which is more effective at releasing tension from your body than a regular massage due to the heat from the stones. 

Alternatively, the Full Body Tui-na Massage (S$50 for 60 mins, S$75 for 90 mins) will target all the sore spots in your body and leave you completely relaxed by the end. 

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If you’d like to target specific areas instead, the spa also has a Head Massage Treatment (S$38 for 30 mins), as well as Foot Reflexology (S$28 for 40 mins, S$38 for 60 mins) services. 

With a hot stone sauna and affordable massage services, this spa is one you’d definitely want to check out next time you’re in need of a spa day!

Spring Heal Spa
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???? 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)

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