Wild Wild from Korea featuring hunky shirtless oppas will be holding two shows in Singapore exclusively for women only

by Marcus Leong

Ladies, this one is specially for you — literally.

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

Have you heard of Wild Wild before? Well, for those of you who haven’t heard of them, they’re an exclusive 19+ show from Korea that is only for women.

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

Why? Well, that’s because the cast features a team of muscular half-naked hunks with chiselled abs dancing with ropes, poles and more — kinda like Magic Mike or the Chippendales, if you will. 

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

And if you’re familiar with Magic Mike and Chippendales, you can roughly figure out just how risque these performances will be. That’s right you can expect lots of gyrating, hip thrusting and sexy moves done on stage (and quite possibly on you). 

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

The hunky oppas will be taking their show to Singapore for two nights only on 13 and 14 July 2024 as part of their Asia Tour — ladies, remember to save the date, very important. Fun fact: Singapore is the last stop for their tour — a sweet finish of sorts I guess. 

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

Remember when I said that you could possibly be treated to a special performance by the oppas? You guessed it, there will be audience participation involved as part of their set (not that any of us are complaining).

During this segment, several lucky ladies will be invited to join the hunks on stage. I hope you get picked because whoever gets chosen will get to get up close and personal with the oppas — who wouldn’t want that?  

Wild Wild also encourages women to live out their wildest fantasies with the male performers at the concert. I can imagine some of you partying extra wild that night. 

Photo: @wildwild_official/instagram

The Wild Wild show will be taking place at The Theatre at Mediacorp. Do note that the show is rated 19+ (for obvious reasons). Tickets are currently on selling out super fast, so hurry grab yours now! You can get your tickets here.

Update: The first show is exclusively for ladies, while the second show is open to all.

Looking for a happy ending? Make sure to score tickets to this Wild Wild night! 

Wild Wild Asia Tour 
Instagram | Tiktok | Website 
📍 1 Stars Ave, Theatre at Mediacorp, Singapore 138507
🗓 13 & 14 Jul 2024

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