Experience space on Earth at this exhibition in Johor Bahru featuring IG-worthy immersive and interactive light displays, spacesuit try-ons & more from just S$13

by June Ngooi

Standing on a blue planet in an ever-expanding universe has definitely evoked some sort of existential intrigue within us Earthlings, given how space is a constant source of fascination. 

For those who have lamented about how far space is from us, fret no more because now, space is just across the border! 

space and you
Photo: Space & You

From 2 December 2023 to 20 March 2024, Space & You is opening its doors in Johor Bahru allowing you a more intimate look at the happenings in our vast galaxy.

Through the various immersive and interactive displays in this light exhibition, get ready to be presented with heightened sensory ways of appreciating the beauty of the stars and the wonder of the planets. 

space and you
Photo: Space & You

Remember when you could visit Mars right here on Earth? Well, now you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of galaxies with this showcase.

Of course, IG-worthy moments are a pretty highlight but learning about our universe is another humbling lesson.

Photo: Space & You

Experience captivating exhibits that take you on a lore-filled backstory of the history of space exploration as well as the future of space travel

I don’t know about you but I am already one foot in and ready to board this rocket. Speaking of rockets, did I mention that you also get to try on a spacesuit?

Photo: Space & You

Literally step into the shoes of astronauts as you try on a spacesuit in this exhibit to really take the immersive experience up a notch! The only next step is to learn how to float, but a girl can dream. 

Tickets to this exhibition are finally out, priced at S$13.79 (RM48), for the Early Bird Weekday tickets (Monday to Thursday), and S$16.69 (RM58) for the Early Bird Weekend tickets (Friday to Sunday).

For those who would like to go for the SpaceSuit experience, the Early Bird Weekday and Weekend tickets are S$17.73 (RM62), and S$20.58 (RM72), respectively. 

Photo: Space & You

It should be noted that early bird prices do not stay the same, and the price will definitely go up after the early bird special so do keep a lookout!

Just a tip from me: it would be best to plan ahead and book your tickets on online platforms like Klook or the official website. 

Photo: Space & You

This educational and entertaining experience brings about a new appreciation for the universe on top of being value for money. 

I’m definitely strapping on my helmet and making a stop across the border to collect my spacesuit! 

What about you?

Space & You
Instagram | Website
📍 Toppen Shopping Centre, No. 33A, Jln Harmonium, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🗓️ 2 Dec 2023 to 20 Mar 2024

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