ARK 11 is Singapore’s first futuristic nightclub with an AI-powered bar, spacecraft design, sci-fi visuals & more

by June Ngooi
ark 11 club

As much as I love the usual nightlife spots like Marquee and Drip, I also find myself seeking the thrill of a club with an outlandish concept once in a while. On that front, I have exciting news.

Club-goers in Singapore, listen up! There’s an exciting nightclub opening its shuttles (you will see why I say that in a minute) in town at Orchard Central on 22 September 2023.

ark 11 club
Photo: Ark 11

ARK 11 is a genius concept that focuses on the elements of futuristic fantasy and high society, boasting cutting-edge technology that melds into a visual spacecraft-style landscape for clubbers. I mean, the entire interior of the club looks like it came out of a science fiction film set, how cool is that?

ark 11 club tunnel
Photo: Ark 11

Prepare for a trippy night of clubbing as you bask in the spectacular displays of 4D immersive environments surrounded by monitors with nebula holographics. I don’t know about you, but I’m already strapping my space helmet on and preparing to have my senses overloaded. 

ark 11 club bar
Photo: Ark 11

As a fan of science fiction myself, I felt it deep in my nerdy bones when I learnt that there was going to be an Artificial Intelligence (AI)powered bar that not only serves you your drinks on top of visual captivating displays, but is also equipped with an AI bartender

Photo: Ark 11

Of course, we cannot forget the music. What is a nightclub without the beat drops and sick tunes? The first three shows lined up for the opening weekend include big names such as DJ Makasi, DJ Jovynn, and MAKE YOU FREAK, with rhythms in electronic dubstep and deep techno that is perfect for the sci-fi backdrop setting. 

It might excite you to learn that ARK 11 club has membership tiers that allows you to get exclusive freebies and even skip the lines and the cover charges!

Photo: @ark11singapore/instagram

If you’re ready to jump on the theme, do take note that like most clubs in Singapore, there is a dress code. For gents interested in heading down to ARK 11 club, make sure to ditch the sleeveless tops, berms and shorts, and also slippers, crocs and slides. For the ladies, any footwear that isn’t slippers, crocs, or slides, works.

So have you got your spacesuits ready? Don’t forget to add this club to your rotation for the weekend and give it a spin! 

ARK 11
Instagram | Website
???? 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #11-01/02, Singapore 238896
???? 10pm–3am (Fri), 10pm–4am (Sat)

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