This Happy Hedgehog Collection from Starbucks has cute cactuses that’ll remind you to stay hydrated

by Natalie Lim

Starbucks just launched a Happy Hedgehog Collection that’s utterly adorable.

By now, Starbucks has probably launched thousands of collector cups. To write about each of them would leave writers from all around the world exhausted, so we must pick up on only the best.

That being said, this collection is so impossibly cute that our writer (a.k.a me) has specifically requested for her boyfriend to purchase it for her.

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection

Cactus Bottle

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection 1
Photo: Starbucks

The Cactus Bottle (S$40.90) immediately caught our attention. The standard bottle cap has been traded for a cactus figurine, and the bottle’s body sports an illustration of a hedgehog that’s chillin’ below a ray of sunshine. If you look hard enough, that adorable face is just squeaking “please take me home.”

Cactus Tumbler

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection 2
Photo: Starbucks

For plant enthusiasts, the pinkish-brown hue of the Cactus Tumbler (S$39.90) will fondly remind you of the potted plants that you tenderly care for at home. A different cactus figurine is seen on the top and this time, the hedgehog is seemingly walking — walking right into our hearts.

Pot Mug with Lid

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection 3
Photo: Starbucks

There’s nothing more appropriate than having a plant pot as a mug. Water belongs in it. For S$39.90, you’ll always be reminded to stay hydrated. Some may argue that this is a novelty item. We argue that this is necessary.

Cactus Mug

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection 4
Photo: Starbucks

Ngl, this Cactus Mug (S$36.90) looks like a durian shell. However, we assume that it’s supposed to mimic the hedgehog’s spines, and it probably helps you to hold your drink better, especially if it’s hot. 

Photo: Starbucks

If the teal colour of the Cactus Mug (durian shell imposter) has gotten your attention, you’ll be glad to know that there are other variations available in this Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection. Peep that sneaky little hedgehog hiding behind a sunflower.

Here are the prices.

From left to right:
Mint Tumbler (S$39.90)
Oasis Tumbler (S$28.90)
Sunflower Flask (S$49.90)

Sharp Bottle (S$36.90)
Sunflower Bottle (S$33.90)

Photo: Starbucks

Even for those that prefer functionality over #aesthetics, there are simpler but equally cute designs in this collection. The bright teal is now exchanged for a more muted sea blue, which shows a more down-to-earth personality.

Here are the prices.

From left to right:
Sunshine Bottle (S$24.90)
Playful Bottle Mini (S$34.90)
Playful Bottle Large (S$52.90)
Blue Flask (S$27.90)
Navy Flask (S$48.90)
Red Flask (S$24.90)

The Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection is available in stores from now till while stocks last and is also available on the Starbucks Flagship Store on LazMall and Shopee Mall.

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