Starbucks launches new Valentine’s Day collection

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Starbucks just launched a Valentine’s Day collection, and they’re too cute to resist.

Valentine’s day. A day filled with confessions of love, deliberate dinner plans and sometimes, lavish gifts. However, not all presents must be expensive. With Starbucks’ revealing their Valentine’s Day Bee Mine Collection, it makes an adorable yet practical present for any partner.

The collection consists of bee-themed mugs, tumblers, and even a keychain to complete the set.

Sweet Sips Collection

From left to right: 13oz: $33.90 24oz: $32.90 18oz: $39.90

Although writing professions of love may sound intimidating to some, the cute designs on these bottles are a witty way to ask that special someone to ‘Bee Mine’.

While the Stainless Steel Bottle (left) and Cold Cup (right) keeps your drink iced, the Clear Honey Bee tumbler (middle) is lightweight and easy to bring around.

Bee Mine collection

From left to right: 16oz: $26.90 20oz: $49.90 16oz: $23.90

For something more subtle, the Bee Mine collection comes in a soft pink design. The words ‘Bee mine’ lay atop white petals and florals, perfect for the more introverted to ask someone out.

Buzz mug set

From left to right: 3oz: $24.90 12oz: $28.90

This honeybee mug (left) is a sure delight to anyone, even if you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day alone. The mug comes with little wings as mug holders, so you can sip on your piping hot coffee without getting burnt.

The Honey Jam Mug comes with a matching spoon, and resembles the honey pot from Winnie the Pooh.

Bearista keychain

Bearista keychain: $19.90

To top it off, the collection consists of the Bearista keychain. Featuring a little bear clad in a honeybee suit, this accessory is sure to make even the iciest of queens melt in cuteness.

Launched on the 18th of January, these exclusive designs are now available in Starbucks Singapore stores, or can be found online on their official Lazmall and Shopee sites (after 12pm). With Starbucks Valentine’s Day collection, ask your date out in a creative yet memorable way.

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