Suntec’s new LOVE pop-up installation is heart-eye worthy

by Vivian Ng

Forget about heart reacting your bae—it’s time to take that crush downtown. Suntec City has a LOVE pop-up installation and it is absolutely eye-candy.

Photo: Instagram/@zippyzipeng

With rainbow-coloured hearts neatly packed in this partially-enclosed exhibit, one can’t help but swoon over the vibrant and quirky interior. Stamped heart designs fill the walls, ceiling and floor, making you feel like you’ve entered a new fantasy world.

You may consider taking your photo at the corner of the room. Leading lines of the shapes will all be pointing towards you, framing you as the main subject.

Photo: Instagram/@mumuee

This vibrant and chic installation at Suntec has captured the hearts of many, rendering good opportunities for photo-taking. For those who don’t have a tripod or selfie-stick, huddle in for cute selfies through this sweet looking heart-shaped mirror.

The huge mirror gives room for up to 8 people, so bigger cliques are able to fit into the frame. Psst, remember your safe distancing laws!

Photo: Instagram/@zippyzipeng

If you’re feeling creative, you may want to experiment with depth of field at this installation. Try photographing your subject through the light-up letters in the room. Extra effects and light leaks will add flair to your photos, suitable for both film and digital photography.

Posing against the huge Hollywood-styled ‘LOVE’ letters will also make a fantastic idea. The bright red text amongst the sea of rainbow hearts will add an extra pop to your Instagram feed.

Photo: We Heart It

Here’s a photo to describe how it would make you and your loved ones feel at the end of the day. This charming location will make it a place worth remembering, so make sure you take plenty of photos with the ones who matter.

Limited time Suntec pop-up installation

Do take note that this installation is a limited time pop-up with no specified end date, so hurry up and bring the ones you love to Suntec City at your next available outing date before this installation is gone forever.

???? Suntec City, #01-313 (West Wing)

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