Just opened: La Fez Cafe’s striking pink hues and Moroccan theme makes a perfect datespot

by Evan Mua
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Are you crazy about pink? Many cafe hoppers love pink too and cafe owners have noticed. Which explains the slew of new pink-themed cafes popping up. One such cafe is La Fez Bakery & Cafe, another of the new openings at Siglap. Best of all, it’s halal too.

It’s not hard to spot the Moroccan themed cafe from afar with its lavish exterior. It gives you a feeling of stepping into a whole new world. Where’s my Jasmine and magical flying carpet, damn it.

la fez bakery & cafe

You might have seen photos on instagram. No wonder, because who wouldn’t fall in love with the striking pastel pink decor, especially with those accents of rose gold and earthy tones.

The fancy Moroccan decor inside La Fez Cafe makes it feel like you’re inside an Aladdin scene, but pink. Such a treat for the eyes… and your followers’ Instagram feeds.

Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

A long counter acts as the centrepiece of the cafe, flanked by tables and short palm trees. However, besides the gorgeous hot pink colour palette, the café itself was also quite hot.

The staff told us that they’d be installing new aircon units — fingers crossed.

La Fez’s food offerings are not your typical cafe fare — Moroccan food is rarely seen in cafes, and Bacha Coffee is another popular place that serves it.

So it’s a no brainer to get some Moroccan flatbread at La Fez. You can get 2 slices of Pita Bread for S$2.90 and a Dip for S$5.90, or get a Marrakesh Dip Platter with 4 dips for S$19.90.

Out of the 4 dips (Hummus, Smoky Zalouk, Baba Ganoush and Muhammara), the rich and tangy Zalouk was a favourite which paired well with the flatbread.

But if you want meat, go for the Moroccan Harissa Chicken Legs (S$17.90). La Fez grills the chicken beautifully, giving it a nice light char outside while keeping the inside juicy and flavourful.

On the other hand, the breakfast classic of Majorelle Shakshuka with Feta Cheese (S$18.90) was rather forgettable. While it was decent comfort brunch food, it didn’t match up to Shaksuhuka’s from other popular cafes.

Finally, if you want something really hearty and slightly exotic, the Aamir Lamb Tagine (S$28.90) is a safe choice. The meat was fork-tender and lacking the tougher chew normally associated with lamb.

Above all, the lamb had very little gamey taste to it. I don’t know what magic La Fez has done, but general lamb-averse eaters could enjoy this.

Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

In the end though, the hype over La Fez’s is for this Pomegranate Rose Mille Feuille (S$12.90). We were devastated to hear it was sold out when we arrived!

It’s hard to take your eyes off those layers of flaky mille-feuille sandwiching the light rose cream and pomegranate. Definitely one for the gram.

For their drinks selection, all different kinds of Coffee (Mocha, Cappucino, Flat White, etc.) go for S$3.90. Alternatively, if you’re caffeine-intolerant then there are the chocolate drinks such as Valhorna Hot Chocolate (S$4.90) or Caramel Hot Chocolate (S$5.90).

Overall, La Fez offers an interesting new café concept in the East Coast. Definitely a great spot to bring a date with the gorgeous pink decor, the Moroccan theme, and the proximity to many great new cafes.

La Fez Bakery & Cafe
Facebook | Instagram
???? 907 E Coast Rd, #01-03A, Singapore 459107
????️ 9am–9pm (Daily)

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