Tangled Pasta serves up affordable & freshly made S$9.90 pasta that you can customise too

tangled pasta

Creamy, carby and oh-so-satisfying, pasta is one of the popular choices that come to mind when we’re thinking of what to eat.  This delicious Italian dish comes in many variations and easily caters to different tastes, whether the creamy carbonara, savoury aglio olio, or classic tangy tomato pasta. 

Whichever pasta you’re in the mood for, the next time you find yourself craving some good ol’ pasta, here’s one pasta place to add to your rotation of the usual pasta places.

tangled pasta
Photo: @tangled.pasta/instagram

Meet Tangled Pasta, a takeout outlet located in Chinatown Point providing not only freshly made Italian pasta at affordable prices, but unique fusion pasta with the added twist of local flavours

Freshly made with all-natural ingredients ranging from semolina flour and squid ink, to spinach, beetroot and mushrooms, you can easily choose from a variety of colourful pasta to whet your appetite. 

Photos: @tangled.pasta and @foodie.mat/instagram

Fancy some Truffle Shuffle Shrooms (freshly sautéed mushroom with pasta tossed in creamy truffle sauce, S$9.90)? How about Mango Tango (squid ink spaghetti aglio olio with prawns & mango salsa, S$10.90) or Smoky Ducky (spicy tangy pasta served with smoked duck, almonds and dried berries, S$10.90)? 

tangled pasta
Photos: @tangled.pasta/instagram

I personally prefer the Ooh Lala (clams & squid ink penne in a briny clam broth with herbs & spices, roasted tomatoes with a hint of spiciness, S$13.90), but you should definitely give their pasta a shot for yourself and choose your favourite!

There’s a total of 11 pasta dishes you can choose from, but if you’re not feeling any of them… Fret not, you can also choose to build your own pasta. 

Photo: @tangled.pasta/instagram

First, choose from five pasta sauces, then choose from eight types of pasta, 17 add-on ingredients, and six types of proteins. The combinations are almost endless and guaranteed to make your belly happy. (And if pasta is not enough, you can also opt for sides in the form of chicky pops available in Nachos Cheese or Mentaiko!)

tangled pasta
Photo: @chinatownpoint_sg/instagram

Heard enough and ready for your next round of pasta? We’ll see you at Tangled Pasta!

PS: According to their Instagram page, their pasta is free of pork, lard and alcohol, and their meats used are also halal-certified.

Tangled Pasta
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???? 133 New Bridge Rd, #B1-52B, Singapore 059413
???? 11am – 9pm (Mon to Sun) 

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